What to wear with these cargo jeans?

Im wearing them to school...Im not sure if I should wear a tank tucked in or a black long sleeve with a lace back (would that be too much?) also I usually wear moccasins and uggs but I don't think either would look good with these pants...

ps the pants are a bit looser on me

google>search>dylan george anja cargo pants

they are like the first pic but in a green color
they are the exact same ones as the ones nicole richie is wearing and they fit pretty much the same on me


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  • You can wear anything with cargos :)


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  • ? -----> link

    A plain white shirt.

  • I have green cargo pants as well. I usually pair them with basic color tanks or t-shirts like white or black. For shoes, I pair them with my brown Guess lace up military heeled boots. I think the shirt would be fine, but try pairing them with military styled boots, whether heeled or not heeled. Some people wear Uggs, but I prefer military styled boots. :)


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