Wanting a new hair style?

So I have quite thick and wavy dark brown hair. I usually get a 5 on the top and 4 back and sides. But I'm getting bored of that as I've been getting it for years. So I'm looking to change it up, I was thinking of growing it, Is about medium length at the moment. But I think it looks stupid as its thick and wavy. Looking for something that's quite stylish, can be styled and can look smart if I want it to. Any ideas?


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  • well I'm not really sure of what it looks like now? 5 and 4? inches? could you find a picture of a similar style to the one you have?


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  • I have hair like yours - thick and wavy.

    Accept that there is probably no 'low maintenance' style that you'll be happy with, other then clipped short. I go back and forth over the years between that (going down to a #1 ... or less sometimes) and trying to keep mid-length hair.

    For me, I need to pretty much load the F&*(& out of it with product to keep it mid length. Wax + pomade, is the 'easy' approach. To shove the hair in directions it doesn't want to go that much, I need to throw in gel, blow dry in that direction (kind of breaking up the gel with my hands while doing it) then throw in pomade.

    After all this, I then wonder if it actually looks better then a #2 all over.


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