Eye for an eye

I am sick of people treating me like shit.

I don't know the reason why. Maybe being good and ready to help classes you to a doormat.

I have tolerated enough of this thinking it'll stop. But it didn't.

But enough of this crap.

I have to get back at them anyhow.

No, I am not talking about fists and punches !

So, flood me with comebacks, taunts, mind games to spill out "the bottled venomous grudge" !


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  • Considering you've given us no indication or understanding of what "good" things you've done it's hard to really respond. As long as you don't break the law, go ahead and do what you want. Not everyone can handle purposely being a doormat.

    • Never said no when help needed but got myself turned down.

      Like I asked my friend to drop me by her car as it was getting late, she refused saying she had to somewhere else. Yes I know she was lying.

      Once they asked me my study notes. I gave them. But when I asked them theirs they refused.

      I saved a seat for my friend in lab. But that bitch made me leave my seat for her.

      They yell making me look like a mean. And people just don't seem to believe me even when I speaking my hurt heart out.

    • Now's a great time to stop being friends with them. Find people who do appreciate your good will. If you did anything like that for me, hell, even if you asked politely, I'd help out. You've just got to find the right people, and frankly, the people you're with now sound horrible.

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  • This might not be the answer you want to hear, but "eye for an eye" thinking and behavior will not make you feel better in the long run.

    Instead, simply learn to stand up for yourself, like a mature adult. It takes practice, but it's worth the effort.

    No one can treat you like a doormat unless you lie down first.

    • Then tell me how to stand up for myself.

      Tell me how to back off from them without seeming rude.

      I am asking you this because I don't know how ?

    • The key is assertive communication.

      Passive (or passive-aggressive) communication means you're afraid to speak up and resentful. Aggressive communication means you're pushy and don't care what others want.

      Assertive communication is the healthy middle ground. You stand up for yourself but also respect others. It takes time and work to be assertive, but it's worth the effort.

      Read this webpage link for more thorough information:


  • if you're sick of it then just simply stop being nice. or if anyone tries to take advantage of you tell them to f*** off


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  • Umm wow. Okay. This isn't what you want but honestly: "take the high road" - "be the bigger person" - "be the grow-up" - "do onto others what you would have done unto yourself". Don't take shit but don't sink to their level either. You don't have to walk away - showing someone they are truly being petty without sinking to insults can be just as satisfying and, unlike taunting, silly mind games, there's actually a chance they'll feel the need to change/improve.

  • People know who they can run over and who they can't. If they're treating you like shit it's because through your actions or the way you respond, you've shown them they can. If someone asks you for a favor don't just up and do it. Put yourself before you put other people who don't care about you. It will never stop until you change yourself. All the comebacks, taunts, and mind games will just be a waste of time and probably won't work anyway. Like you said, you are the one being picked on so how can you mess with them? Just stand up for yourself and people will have more respect for you.