How do I always get hit on by so many guys if my chin is so big?

I really don't mean to sound like I'm tooting my own horn. I'm just sincerely confused. I am an attractive, young looking, and over all feminine looking girl, but I do have a big chin. Not as big as Kloe Kardashian's and not as tough looking as Jennifer Aniston's. I've read in so many articles that guys hate big chins on girls. But I've always been told that I'm so pretty by girls and guys and guys always come up to me and flirt and ask me out. Guys usually give me that "oh she's cute" sort of smile when they see me. I meet more guys than any female friend I've ever had and I swear I have the longest chin of all of us. I've been told I am so beautiful and so cute and so hot by so many guys and treated like a goddess by so many guys. I attract all kinds of guys. Younger, older, white, black, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, feminine looking guys, masculine looking guys, etc. Seriously, I don't mean to sound arrogant. I'm not saying I'm as beautiful as Ashwarya Rai or anything like that. I just want an honest explanation.

I know you will probably want a pic, but there's no way I'm gonna post up a pic, because I see how every girl in the world gets ripped to shreds on any imperfection on her face when her picture is on the internet.

My guy friend said "What are you talking about? Your chin is so feminine." But TRUST ME! It's long and very prominent. At the same time, if I had the chance to easily change it (without surgery) I would only make a subtle change, because there is something pretty about the shape and size to me.

I did hear some guys say that they prefer longer chins to chins that are too short making the face look round and chubby.

My chin is long, BUT... it is round, not angular. Could that be playing a role? I never saw a celebrity with my exact chin to describe it 100%. I almost want to say it looks kind of like Ellen Degeneres' chin, but I look nothing like her. My cheeks are fuller and rounder. Anyway, please explain.


Sorry for the REALLY long letter...


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  • I didn't read it all the way I just stopped at "attractive, young looking, and over all feminine looking girl". I'm not going to care about her chin if she pretty much has the whole package. Since when did guys ever care about a girl's chin? Like never.

    • Thanks. That means a lot. I guess some weird guys obsess over every feature on a girl being perfect and ideal. They call the prettiest actresses ugly. So I figured they would think it about me if I put my picture up too. I guess they are just losers. Because that's not how guys were treating me in real life. :)

    • Every guy just has a preference just put it that way.

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  • Because you're pretty. Tyra Banks has a big forehead but she's pretty and was a super model, just an example. You can have a big eyes, ears, etc, but if you're pretty then those imperfections are looked over.


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  • I think you are too fixated on your imperfections. Guys don't think a girl is hot based on the angle of her nose and chin and whatnot. They either like the whole package or don't.

    My forehead is a bit long and my nose is not perfectly straight, it has a little bump in it. But I'm overall an attractive girl, and I get hit on by many guys. They obviously don't notice or give a sh*t about that. If a girl has one really bad feature it will make her uglier, so obviously even though you don't like your chin they don't mind. Same thing with my nose. It means they don't notice or care.

    If anything, girls are the ones who will say "her chin is too big" "her nose is too big" "she's fat". Girls are the ones who create most of the insecurities in my opinion.

    Besides, Reese Witherspoon is considered attractive and she has a crazy-ass chin!

    • Thanks. Your comments mean a lot. I'm sure that you are really pretty. I know it's silly and shallow, but I got so depressed when I saw so many thinngs on the internet saying guys don't like bigger chins and it's a masculine look. I never thought of myself as masculine and I was so hurt thinking that maybe I waas masculine and never knew it. LOL! But then I thought How do I meet guys then. Thanks

    • Don't let it bring you down. All of us have a feature that is "hideous" according to someone. People say a lot of sh*t.

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