How to be more stylish?

*Girls* I'm trying to revamp my look, so how can I go from blah to damn! ?


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  • I'm trying to do the same thing.

    1. Style your hair. I didn't realize how big of a difference this makes to your looks until I started doing it.

    2. Put effort into getting dressed. Even a comfy t-shirt and yoga pants can look stylish if you try to make it look cute and don't have the mind set of "ugh, I feel like a slob today".

    3. Wear makeup, even if it's just a little mascara and blush. If you're OK with wearing more than that, watch Lauren Luke's videos on Youtube. She has a million looks for any and all occasions and explains how to do each look step-by-step.


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  • Depends on what type of girl you were and what type of girl you want to transition into. Were you the type of girl who liked wearing just jeans and a t-shirt? Are currently wanting to change into more of a classy, girlie girl?

    If you were the type who just wore jeans and a t-shirt, you can update your look by getting a different wardrobe. Such as instead of buying plain t-shirts, buy more girly, cute tops from places like Forever 21. Their style is up to date and affordable! Instead of wearing jeans all the time, try skirts with cute tights.

    Also change up your shoes. Don't wear sneakers all the time. Try wearing flats or sometimes wear heels (kitten, stiletto, etc); this includes cute boots! Like over the knee boots-they are super in right now and look sexy with everything!

    Don't forget accessories. If you think your outfit is too bland, add a necklace or earrings or bracelets or scarfs or bags. They can really dress up an outfit, but don't over do it! It will look tacky!

    Hair: try changing it up with different styles like: braids, ponytails, top/messy bun, straightening it or curling it. If you're brave enough, you can get a new cut or dye it another color or add streaks/highlights.

    Last but not least, makeup. Don't ever pack it on and never over do it! Or you will look like a clown! Just use the basics like: concealer, mascara, blush, eyeshadow, lipgloss, and foundation. Makeup can make such a difference!

    Good luck everything and remember that practice makes perfect (when it comes to choosing the right outfit, doing your hair and makeup)! :)

    • I forgot, the best eye makeup that goes with everything would be the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Yes it does cost a bit, but it is totally worth it cause the colors are so neutral and that they go with practically everything. You can wear it everyday and can change it from day to night wear! :)

  • Accesories! Noone wants to just wear clothes. A white t-shirt and some blue jeans is such a boring outfit! If you add a gold heart chain or some or some bracelets it looks wayyy more interexting. Also try something new every once in a while. You're outfits get boring if you wear the same thing over and over again, you'll get used to it and won't put any effore in trying to make yourself look better. My advice is ACCESORIES! :)

  • Start with how you dress. Figure out what flatters you.

    Judge what type of make up looks good o your face. Figure out what flatters you.

    Build up your confidence and develop a true idea of beauty and identity for yourself.

    You can do some research about your body type, hair type, look up different styles etc - and go from there if your stuck :)

  • if right now you aren't styleish and is simple I recomend you to wear things that are more darey and stuff that you wouldn't wear but still looks stylish. do it slowly though durring time you will eventually have more style.

  • colors will give you that extra pop without being overly dramatic.

    try some bright metallic eyeshadow and liners, prefect for the winter

    get a lipstick in a shade or two brighter


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