Girls: if you have had more than one hair color and which one you got the most attention with?

I dyed my hair blond about 6 months ago and it was a very pale blond and now it is a dirty blond however when I was a light brunette I found I got a lot more attention from guys and a lot of my friends are surprised to hear this. I actually got the most attention when I was auburn but my friends hate the color. I am just curious girls if you have had more than one hair color and which one you got the most attention with?


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  • Lolz wellz naturally I'm a brunette weee brown hair all the way! haha...but I kinda got bored with it ha ha I know I know horrible of me. First I dyed it black, which got no attention because well let's face it..everything I wear is black or some other dreary shade. So I decided to brighten it up and I bleached it which surpizingly made my hair orange..never knew that and ha ha that got a lot of attention..I guess people don't just walk around with oarnge on the way was red since they were so looked horrible so no attention there unless someone was snickering...then I did blue...and finally I went back to brown and I just dyed my bang green. Surprizingly enough that actually got me the most attention..I guess spicing up the natural color works =P


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  • My natural hair color is a dark brown color, but currently it is a dark auburn... I have had highlights before as well, but I have noticed that I catch most guys attention with my auburn color... The deep red makes my eyes stick out, and I find guys looking at me all the time. Red attracts attention, especially guys' attention from what I have noticed.

    • I think you right deep red catches ones eye and some purple shades as well...

  • For most girls blond doesn't really go well and for some it does, and most guys don't always look at blondes, some men I've spoken to told me they either prefer brunette or black hair (its sexier and mysterious) rather than having blond hair which is more bland.

    But in my experience I've gotten attention while having brown hair and with blond highlights. I also think it depends on how the girl wears her hair and how she styles it.

  • I had pale blond hair, and I mean ashy platinum blond, for two years. I got a TON of attention from guys, but NOT the type I wanted at all. It was all "Oh the hot blond chick." or the "Sexy blond girl with the boobs." Haha.

    My natural color is a very ashy light brown/dark blond, kind of gross. Got zero attention from guys with it.

    The color I have now is a medium reddish brown, brow but with very golden undertones, looks auburn red in sunlight. I get attention from guys constantly! And not the nasty, oh she's so sexy attention. I get attention as in like " oh she's so cute"

    Honestly, I feel like platinum makes girls look easier, so they get more attention like that. And the darker hair A.) Looks more natural/more people make it look good and B.) Gives that mystery especially if it's not a "common" brown color. (:


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