What do you think of dress pants on women?

I usually wear a pencil skirt and a blouse to work, with heels.

But what do you think of dress pants? They are black and flarey but tight by the thighs and butt (not too tight just form-fitting) so they do show off my shape.

It's weird, I wear jeans like all the time for casual, but wearing pants to work opposed to a skirt makes me feel less feminine, but wearing jeans for casual doesn't.

Guys, is a woman in dress pants that show off her shape less attractive than a woman in a pencil skirt at work?


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  • Don't worry. Just like you, I am always in skirts,dresses and heels,mostly because of the fact that I just happen to enjoy wearing them, and am comfortable that way,plus it is standard attire around the off ice at work..A true girlie girl,I suppose. Anyway, on occasion I do opt for some really nice dress slacks, and do happen to think that they look professional as well as sexy,especially with heels,and pantyhose. I especially enjoy dress slacks with a silky lining. You'll look fine.Do it!

  • I wear them with heels for interviews. They don't make a women look less attractive. If you pair them with a cute blouse, then you'll be fine. link


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