Eyelash extensions experience?

have you girls ever gotten eyelash extensions? what is your experience with them? How much did they cost?

I was researching places in my area that offers it and the price range is mostly in the 200-300. but I did find one place that was just 50. is that too cheap? would I get what I paid for?


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  • I've gotten them done for $70, I liked them. they looked good and fairly natural. they just were not as full looking as the places that offer them for $200, but I didn't mind. I unfortunately had to get them taken off for school reasons, you can't wear makeup at my school and that was considered makeup..

    • did you have any irritations?

    • nah, it took me a little while to get used to them though. they were kind of heavy on my eyes at first. but they didn't irritate me :)

    • thank you

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  • Its a horrible experience for me. Good that I find eyelash growth products. I can say that now I'm happy and confident on the way I look.


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