I'd Appreciate Some Shoe Advice!

So I am a 33 year old white dude out here in Santa Cruz, CA. I really would like to get some new shoes, because right now I am wearing some NB brown shoes that just ain't cuttin' it. I'd like some shoes that would be great for the club as well as for going out dinner in as well. I'd like responses from my fellow dudes as well as any ladies out there who see this question. I've never thought too much about footwear, but I feel I need some assistance! I've got everything else taken care of but this last detail. I appreciate ya'lls advice!


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  • The best way to find the right shoes, is to look around first. Then if you find one pair to your liking fit them, get info about how to maintain them ... Etc., if they are to your like them, purchase them!


    you could just surf on Internet, looking for the brand you prefer, style, ... And then located a store that sells them :) or order them online of course.

    good luck!

    • Thanks for the advice! I guess that what I am wanting to know is just where everyone falls these days. When I am hanging out with my pimp friends, I am rarely looking at their feet!

      It is a blind spot in my fashion consciousness for sure! Back when I was in high school it was the height of fashion to wear Airwalks or Chucks, but I don't know what the hell a 33 yr. old dude is supposed to wear these days. I just wear things that are functional, but what are ya'll wearin' out there?

    • I wear eum... shoes that others don't wear. Just black or white, depends on weather and made out of cotton no plastics exept the sole ofcourse. If you have one pair of dark shoes and one pair of light ones, you can go trought the whole year!

    • I know! If it was up to me I'd just wear like sandals and combat boots, depending on the season! Unfortunately, there is a gap in-between those extremes that I am trying to figure out. Do I wear green shoes, red shoes, yellow shoes, WTF ya'll? What do the ladies like to see us wearing? Inquiring minds want to know.

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  • If you're interested in resoleable dress shoes in the >200$ range, ask me for advice, otherwise I'll keep my mouth shut.

    Women care about shoes but are easily impressed, anything vaguely 'stylish' will impress them.

  • Lacoste has some cool styles. Check out the website.


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