Why do we call them beauty mark/spot ?

I have what people call a beauty mark on my chin I don't know but I don't like it .. guys / girls do you think its something beautiful to have and why ?

do you have a beauty mark? and where Is it ?
something like this



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  • Because it makes you beautiful :) It differentiates you from other people. It's a good thing, I find.


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  • It's because moles have such a nasty connotation to the word. We call them beauty marks sometimes, because they're not ugly enough to be called a mole. Or if you're a half full type person, because they're too pretty to be called a mole.

    When people hear the word mole they attach feelings of disgust to it, memories of big brown things with hairs coming out.

    Beauty marks, although scientifically the same make up, have a much cleaner, complementary look. And are quite the opposite of your typical mole, because they are appealing.

    What distinguishes a mole from a beauty mark? Opinion. As a general rule, most find those with long hairs growing out to be the ones that aren't beauty marks ;)

    But if you find the right guy, he can tell you they're all beauty marks. ^^ heheh.

    The origins of the term beauty mark, certainly weren't scientific. It probably came from a result of a boy-girl conversation that when something like this..

    "I'm so gross.. I have a mole right on my face!"

    "Nahhhhh babe... That's a beauty mark."

    Or maybe a mom-daughter conversation like this..

    "Why do I have this gross mole on my face!"

    "It's to keep you humble. A mark of your true beauty."

    Or maybe Enrique Iglesias made it up, until he could get his surgically removed.

  • Beauty spot... or a mole?

    I would just be specific about what's on my face, and yes, I have a distinct mole on my right side of my face. It's not big, it's small, but very noticeable and anyone could identify me with that mole on my face.

    Why do people call it a "beauty mark" or "beauty spot"? Well, most people hate to admit that they're ugly. In fact, there's a lot of ugly girls who act like they're very pretty. I don't want to be mean about it, but it's true! So instead of calling moles "ugly," they call it a mark or a spot "beauty".

    • I was asking about beauty spots the small littler black / brown dot on the face or body but any answer appreciated =)

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    • "type of dark facial mole" - TYPE. Thus, saying "mole" is less specific than saying "beauty mark/spot".

    • Okay, my apologies for the misinformation.

  • They're a sign of beauty when they are on the lower parts of your face, that's just how it is. They provide a unique look to individuals I have a few of them and I can't complain.

    • why the lower part?

    • Because it adds a characteristic on certain facial areas. If its just on your forehead or beside your side burns its not the same as when its above your chin, on your cheekbone or near your lips.

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  • I have a mole under my left eye which I guess would be considered a beauty spot. It doesn't really stand out though because I do have freckles on my nose and around my eyes so it sort of blends in, plus I wear makeup.

    I don't really mind if people call them beauty spots. I think its better than calling them moles.

  • i like them,i don't consider them moles,i call the bumpy ones moles,and the flat ones beauty marks. I have little ones all over,and I have three on my cheek,forming a line along my cheekbone,i love it.

    • There's three stars in the sky in a line too. if you haven't seen them go out & see them tonight ! they're just like your three beauty marks ;)

  • A beauty mark is a mole but what makes a mole a beauty is that the mark must be a symmetrical circle.

    I have a lot of little ones all over, they aren't freckles but if you look closely you can see them.

  • haha the name is weird, but I like that people embrace weird stuff like that, call it whatever you want, put sparkles on it. hehehe

  • Hey I have them everywhere. On my face, chest, arms,legs,feet. I think they can make people more appealing. They look nice I think.

  • I have beauty marks all over, and I have freckles (light). ;*) I have no idea why they're called that, but I have them.

  • they enhance our features. I think they add a level of sophistication or sexiness (ooh lala) to the way we look. Opposed to a person with no beauty marks and a person with beauty marks on their face, the once without has this look of innocence which looks cute but I prefer beauty marks. As long as it's not too much.

    This is random but: I saw this movie once upon a time where this girl had one on the side of her neck and her boyfriend called it a gem or jewel (in Indian) and he would always kiss that spot

    • haha I have one on my neck too people told me Its really pretty without me asking them so I guess Its a good thing to have ...

      where do you have yours !?

    • i have tiny one on my cheek, another one next to my eyebrow and another one on my temple; two on my back, one on my leg and the right side of my foot. So seven in total!

  • I have a handful :)

  • i have a birthmark on my foot.


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