Doe it matter what a guy wears or how he wears it?

For example something simple like jeans and a t-shirt as apposed to collars and name brands. I think I look better in the first one, fitted


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  • The way you dress says allot about your personality and who you are before the girl even talks to you. You want to wear something that represents you.


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  • What you mean If it matters?

    To a girl?

    Well its not The main thing but We are into fashion Most of us...

    I think the way a guy dresses Tells something about him...

    I had a crush on a guy in college and I think how he dressed had something to do with that... He used a militar green jacket jeans and white tee... I thought he looked So cool, like he was casual but not plain...

    A guy does catch My eye If he has An. Unique style

  • yes It does matter ...


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