Should I dye my hair brown?

i don't think I'm gonna do all the way brown at first though. I think I want brown lowlights and a lot of brown underneath. what do you think? (im blond obvi ha)


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  • Depends on what tint of brown you are choosing. I had a friend who was blond and she was just like you; wanted to dye her hair brown. But unfortunately she choose a very dark brown that looked almost like black. For her, it didn't look good on her, but for other it would. I would recommend for you to go for a lighter brown, so the change isn't so dramatic (like super dark brown that looks like black), unless that's what you're going for.

    This was the color my friend had before: link

    This was the color my friend had after: link

    But there are exceptions like: Nicole Richie, and Ashlee Simpson.

  • yeah, it's a great winter color esp since you're blond


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