Junk in the Trunk?

Do guy's really notice girls with big butts?

I've seen other questions and yeah ya notice it,but do you all really look at it?

I got one and I put on my jeans and it has the bump coming out.

But do you all really notice it? And why do ya like it so much?

Just wondering thanks=D


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  • i love junk in the trunk, I just imagin bending them over ripping off their pants, slapping that ass and tonguing their p**** from behind


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  • ya gotta love the booty...ya just gotta. its so BEAUTIFUL! and feminine. to see that round ass jus bounce around with every step. its a like a constant tease. I just imagine smacking it and seeing jiggle around. dam. now the booty can be to big but I figure you know that, like if the gurl is like 250-400 pounds den that's no loner attractive...maybe. but yea its all about them PHAT BOOTIES BABY YEEAAA!

  • well I don't like really huge asses, but I like a big one because when I am facing my girl and we are talking, most of the time I touch her ass and it feels good when I touch it. lol

    • What's the difference huge and big? wide or something?

    • Huge is larger then big..big is larger than average ( which a lot of girls don't have ), huge is looks like if a girl put a pillow on her ass

    • Oh okay than I'm good with big=D

  • I'm not a big fan of a big ass... but I have a buddy who just loooves it.

  • if I see a car accident I'll stare at it, but it doesn't mean I find it attractive. Just interesting.

    that being said, I have seen some small butts and some big butts that drove me nuts...in a good way


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