What's your eyeliner style?

2 questions; What's your eyeliner style?

What's the shape of your eyes?

I'm still trying to figure out which style looks best for my eye shape but I just don't know. I just wanna stick to one eyeliner style..


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  • I have large eyes that are almond shaped...but I don't see the almond shape so much as I'm getting older. I wear black eye liner on my top lid and bottom lid. I have found that this look works for me. Some people like it, some don't...I do it because I Iike it. Eyeliner will vary by person, their facial features, and mostly their personal preference. You could try just lining your bottom lid...or just lining your top lid...or line your top lid and only partially line the bottom. I advise a self sharpening pencil...stay away from liquid unless you have a very steady hand! Or unless you are willing to practice it diligently! I don't know if there is a "best" look...just play with it and decide what flatters you the best! If you are really wanting expert advice then I would say try ULTA, Clinique, or any department store...the girls at the counter will help you find colors and be able to give you some advice. Some high end Salons/Spas will offer make-up lessons/makeovers...for around $50.00. Some department stores offer it for free if you purchase products...and you don't need to feel like you have to purchase them all...even if it's just a lipstick...and an eyeliner...hope this helps!


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  • Mine are big almonds (I actually held an almond next to them in the mirror at one point :P )

    I don't typically don the eyeliner, it comes off heavy on my uber-light complexion.

    If I do do any, I just do the outer 1/3 of the top lid with just a touch of the cat eye.

  • I have smallish almonds shaped eyes I usually wear a medium thickness cat eye style line on my top lid in black, on my top water line I use a black pencil, on my lashes I put one coat of mascara and on my bottom lid I wear white pencil liner because it gives a cleaner look then darker liners for me. Before I do that I conceal under my eyes, put some matte nude eye shadow on my top lid and sometimes I put a highlight just under my brows.

  • I don't know how to describe my eye shape but I like a think line on top and bottom. I like to use liquid because pencil doesn't last long for me.

  • I have Asian eyes lol. I usually line the top and half way for the bottom. Sometimes I wing them out a little bit, but not a lot. Or sometimes I line the top and the outer corner of my bottom waterline.

  • I put a medium line on top, and between my top lashes in the rim.

    Then I put a thin line on the outer half of my lower lashline, I dot it between the lashes to make a softer, thinner line.

    Then I put two coats of mascara on top, and I dot mascara on my outer lower lashes and the outer corners of my lower lashline for extra definition.

    My eyes are big, round, and kind of deep set. They are very large and noticeable, but since they are deep set they are a bit shadowy (naturally) and I have some darkness under my eyes. I use concealer, but lining my bottom inner rims definitely closes my eyes, makes them look a bit sunken even, and emphasizes that I have darkness under my eyes. So that's why I only line the lashline by the bottom, it opens the eyes and looks softer and prettier IMO.

    Some people do look good with bottom inner rim eyeliner though, but usually that is people who don't have any bags or dark circles under the eyes, and your eyes have to be shallow-set for it to look good. Otherwise it closes them too much.

    I like my style a lot, it is very classic and I think it probably would suit most people.

    Here are some examples of my type of look:

    link (but less heavy on top and I don't extend the corners, my outer corners are naturally dark)

    link (but less black and no pointy outer corners)

    I use black-brown eyeliner instead of all this black because of my coloring and it looks softer.

  • I have large almondy round eyes. I don't exactly have a style for eyeliner. I just line my bottom lashline with soft black pencil eyeliner and put a bit of eyeshadow in my crease sometimes.


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