How do clothes get into style I would never want to wear a lot of them?

I feel they look tacky, I don't understand why people seem to care so much about what is cool?


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  • People wear trendy clothes for a huge number of reasons.

    Fashion is not all about the clothes and the makeup, but the excitement and energy that the industry gives off. You see, it’s not just “stuff". For some, it's a way of expressing themselves. It's a way of showing creativity, status, wealth. It has a cultural element too. People buy "tacky" (your words!) trendy, clothes to fit in, to give the impression that they are in the loop. Wearing clothes that are in style can make people feel good about themselves. In a way, wearing trendy clothes is almost like a test of a person's confidence - how well can they 'pull' off the look?

    Maybe they wear tacky clothes to annoy some people (you, for example!). The fact that it annoys them is all the more reason to keep doing it.

    At the end of the day though, we live in a consumer world. Shopping and spending money on fashionable clothes has become an integrated part of our lifestyle and culture!

    • I guess but why should I wear what other people tell me too

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  • because fashion is fun for some people. You would never understand that unless it was your thing. Just like, my favorite color is pink, so, I would never understand what someone else would see in the color brown or why it would be their favorite.

    • But some guys clothes look bad to me

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    • Do you care what a guy wears

    • Not really, but that doesn't matter. It's whatever he wants to wear, not what I want him to wear.

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  • Wear clothes that are not _out_ of style, that you like, and that flatter you.

  • Guess not everyone has your opinion on things.


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