Would you date a girl that has a lot of hair?

Its not to noticable, but it is there. It grosses me out but the guy I'm with now doesn't care at all. We've been having issues and I'm thinking about leaving him but I'm scared no other guy would want me.

I've got hair on my lower back, stomach, above my lip and slightly have sideburns.

I think I'm not but ugly or anything a lot of people tell me I'm attractive but none of them have noticed my extra hair I bleach my lip.


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  • If nobody's noticed it probably isn't a problem. If you're that insecure about it then shave, wax, or do what you need to do to get rid of it. Body hair is actually quite common. Hell, my girlfriend is harrier than I am. Her hair is just light so it's unnoticeable.

    • Good point :)

      I'm scared to shave or wax it.

      Thank you very much

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  • I'm like you; I bleach my upper lip cause I'm too scared of shaving or waxing it. :)

    My boyfriend doesn't seem to mind.

    • :) glad to know I'm not alone lol! thank you hun

    • No worries! :)

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