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I'm looking to get a discussion going, rate this question because that's awesome...lol

I saw this t-shirt recently that said "Someone should sue Disney for making every girl think there is a prince charming..." I thought it was pretty funny at first, then I realized that was pretty mean to guys and it's depressing to girls...

What do you guys think? I want opinions! :D

Because of coolguy93939's awesome shirt comment, I decided we should have a discussion about funny shirts...so seen anything funny? and if you want some hilarious shirts, check out snortees.com and bustedtees.com

some of them are hilarious.


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  • I don't think it is mean. It is realistic, well except for the part about suing Disney. I think the thought behind the shirt is that we expect there to be a perfect man. There is no perfect man or woman. We can find the right person for us, but he/she will never be perfect. Also, what is perfect?

    I haven't met any men that act like Prince Charming. Then again, I don't think I've seen any Princesses either. The fairy tales and movies if believed can make you dissatisfied with the guy who doesn't do romantic things. I've only met two romantic guys in my life and neither one of them were close to what the movies show men to be like. I've found that I'm the romantic person in most relationships, that does romantic things often. I've been tempted to send flowers to guys... Uh actually, I have sent them a few times when I thought the guy would feel flattered by them.

    I think men are discriminated against more than any other group (not in the work place though). We call them evil, say they all cheat, etc. There are some good guys out there. There are good women out there, too. I guess I'm saying we women are not all innocent and the men aren't all bad.

    I don't think it is depressing to think that guys won't be like they are in the movies. We just have to learn to accept people the way they are. Treat people the way you want to be treated and never feel that by being romantic yourself or by being honest about your feelings that you are giving up some sort of "power."

    • Woah, you've covered everything....

      I love everything you said, but I especially want to comment on the guys being discriminated. I agree so much! Although there is discrimination about women, I find we (as a society) are really hard on men. There are some really nice guys, but we tend to doubt them because of what we've heard about guys...

      Thanks for your great points!

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  • i was going to class once

    then there was this fat fuy

    with a shirt that said "Video

    games ruined my life. Luckily

    i have 2 lives left"

    thought that was pretty funny

    • Haha that's hilarious!!!! :D I know this overweight man that has a shirt that says "I have the body of a God...Budha" I found that one hilarious.

  • It's dumb- people need to realize that life ain't a fairy tale or a reality show (which have strayed so far from reality, it's a shame)

  • that's hilarious

    • So you don't feel offended by this? or you just think "it's funny, that's it, it's a joke don't take it personally."?

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  • I love Disney movies,lol.

    But I think that's wrong... I do think you could find your own prince charming... I don't believe all guys are awful... I mean they all have flaws... but we all do... and so does prince charming, lol. So I disagree :)

    • Lol I love disney movies too, so cute! and the amount of jokes I didn't get when I was younger really surprises me. thanks for answering.

  • Prince Eric is my fricking prince charming. Mark my words - I'll find him. Or maybe, he'll find me =)