Why do Guys hate Black Leggings as Pants?

So, In a lot of answers on here guys are hating on the look of leggings as pants.. Leggings are very comfortable and can show off Girl's assets.. What is wrong with it?

As long as you have a shirt that covers your butt, isn't it like wearing a dress and leggings? Or if you wear a baggy shirt with black leggings, so your leggings work as pants? I don't see what is so bad about that..Can someone please explain? Do some guys like the look, though?
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  • It doesn't really matter to me, as long as they Don't look Slutty
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  • I wear leggings all the time. I kind of think their just lacking understanding about what leggings really are..

    The ones I wear:

    - Aren't at all see through, so no you can't see my butt.

    - Are as long as a pair of pants (just skin tight).

    - Usually plain and very comfortable.

    - Are no way or form slutty, If you think they are might as well consider every girl who's ever worn tight fitting jeans or nylons under a dress as a huge slut then.

    I usually wear them with a long shirt or under a dress if it's colder out, love leggings. (:

    • I know what type of leggings your talking about, and most woman who wear them, and have the right figure, look great in em... Guys that are saying they think its not riht to wear the as pants, are probaby seeing too many woman who shouldn't be wearing them! The woman who have a negative attitude towards them, probably can't wear them, or, just not personal pref..

    • Yea that's a possibility, and your probably right. It's just annoying to hear guys complain about them so much.

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What Guys Said 27

  • "Leggings are very comfortable and can show off Girl's assets.. What is wrong with it?"

    The exact same thing could be said about going nude, that doesn't mean it is automatically a good thing.

  • What guy complained about this...point him out, the rest of us straight men need to give him a intervention.

  • I like leggings as pants on girls. They've very flattering. So delicious. MMMMMMMMM! :)

    Sorry...got distracted.

    But seriously...i see no problem with leggings on girls. Some guys may not like their gfs wearing them because of the attention they draw...but that's a situational thing. :)

  • Leggings. Leggings. I hear that term now. But my mother used to use that term in lieu of "snow pants" and so when my daughter asked for "leggings" last summer I told her it's not the winter yet. Forget about them. She was really pissed off at me. I guess we speak different languages.

  • I think its inappropriate when she doesn't wear a long top

  • It just looks trashy, might as well put up a sign saying whore.

    • God if covering up your body with a colored layer of clothing being a whore - I can't even imagine how skanky the girls in the mini skirts and high thigh dresses are :O

      Omg and the chicks in bikinis - holy f*** they must be so slutty -

      What about the chicks in those tight fitting turtle necks - or the yoga pants - or the tight jeans and shirts?!

      Omg what a bunch of whores.

      Lol wow @ this answer...

  • All girls wearing and defending these will have sex easier, period. It's been proven these type of women that use these social grey areas are always just loose women. These women also Probably believe that there's nothing wrong with promiscuity so.. You won't win an argument calling them a whore because they don't care.

    Fact is ya they look hot and SEXUALLY attractive, all these guys make that so clear. It would never be okay for a man to wear penis hugging, thin leggings out in public he would get arrested immediately so why all the legal camel toe?

    Arguing and defending leggings is slippery..why not just be naked it's like where's the limit, where the line? Noticed most of the guys not agreeing our boyfriends and they care about the girls wearing the leggings and they know that it only attracts sexual attention not caring attention from other guys. All these guys defending them probably never have had a girlfriend or can't keep one.

    To sum up:

    They can defintiely be worn appropriately but for now,(guys) just use them as a tool to show you who is loose and who's not.

  • Idk what other guys think, but personally I like them. They do show off a women's "assets" lol

  • I don't like leggings becuase they look like ballet tights. I know you say they are comfortbale, but they look uncomfortable to me. They aren't pants at all, they are tights.

    • I like jeggins especially if they girl has a nice ass, but legggins no.

  • I say, if you definitely got it, then show it off! The long shirt is a little high school tho! If you have the body for it, then I would certainly show that butt off! I personaly think Leggings are hott that way! Shows all your natural beauty!

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What Girls Said 24

  • I love leggings because I really love winter styles.

    I have a closet full of those long well fitted sweater dresses - leggings in all the neutral colors and boots to match. I throw on a scarf too -

    I find it odd people are saying it's slutty or whorish or something when the girls are usually covered head to toe in some type of long shirt with boots?

    Most female fashion is tight fitting anyway - showing off what us gals have - so what makes leggings so bad? They cover up everything, jeans are just as tight, the fashion requires a woman to wear more fabric - so in a way it's more conservative than a tank and a pair of booty shorts.

    Also, I say it leaves something to the imagination for the guys - you can see her figure, but she's not ass out, titties falling out of her shirt - and a lot of the shirts for leggings tend to be baggier anyway, so that's even more to dream about lol.

    Anyway - when I wear my jeans and a shirt, the day is casual. When I decide to throw on my leggings and sweaters on a snowy day, the day is full of guys double taking at me.

    Maybe some guys don't like leggings - but the vast majority of them don't complain lol

    Now like every fashion, a girl has to know what flatters her.

    I've heard guys say some pretty f***ed up things about really big girls putting on leggings - so the girl's figure does need to be taken into account here :\

  • The reason I don't agree with it is because, they are not pants, they are meant to be worn underneath of clothing. Sure, you can't see through them, but if you can see every butt line possible, it's just not right. Like, you can see your butt crack no problem! It's different if you're wearing a tunic top, covering your butt. Why the hell would you want that kind of perverted attention from guys?

  • I only wear them under a looong shirt (a shirt that covers my butt) or a short dress...sometimes I wear them under a miniskirt or a pair of short shorts... but I would NEVER just wear them as regular pants, I'd feel like I left home half dressed, because legging and pants are to different things...

  • Because leggings are NOT pants

    When you walk into a shop do you find leggings in the pants section? No, no you don't... they re always right there in mixed in with tights and pantyhose in the section for things you wear UNDER other appropriately ass & crotch covering over garments.

    Just because your ass looks good in them doesn't mean they suddenly qualify as pants...my ass looks best in bikini bottoms but that doesn't make it a good idea to wear them to the supermarket.

  • I think it depends on what you're doing, where you are, how you wear them, what you wear them with, and (I have to admit) your body type. They can look comfy- cute or they can look tasteless or even a tad inappropriate. I think it's best to wear them with a tunic (a couple of inches longer than merely covering the butt).

  • People are so hypocritical... Why is it okay to wear SKIN TIGHT skinny jeans that look like f***ing leggings but a girl can't be comfortable showing off her nice shape in leggings? FULL of SHIT are we?

    Here is another question. Why doesn't anyone say anything anything about string bikini's? They are essentially a bra and panties worn in the pool... ?

  • I feel great and look great in them. So I don't care what guys or guls think about them.

  • I wasn't aware guys hate leggings as pants? Then again I wear what I want so it makes no diff. Their comfortable, esp since I do not drive and have to walk everywhere.

  • I think if anything guys would like something that shows off your shape! For guys who hate it, it doesn't make sense to me! According to the poll though, most guys seem to like it.

  • Dude... everyone needs to stfu and understand the fact that we will always, no matter what you think or say, wear leggings. They are comfortable, easy to wear, and look perfect on us. Those guys who hate them aren't matured yet because they clearly don't get the idea that it show off girl's assets, I'm not saying we only wear them to show off but that's a plus for you guys... smh. Why would you be OK with yoga pants? theyre the same but yoga pants material is a bit thicker. Yeah I don't like those that wear the super thin ones that completely are see through, see thorugh as in you could see her buttcheeks and her thong color. But whatever I thought guys liked leggings and I never thought girls hated them. I'm a fan of leggings, I wear them more than I wear jeans... theyre that comfy :D

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