Prejudiced against good looking people?

Don't you ever find that people are prejudiced against extremely good looking people?

Are you yourself prejudiced against them?

Do you often assume that they are shallow ? that the girls are bitches and the guys are jerks? Do you consider those people not worthy of a serious relationship?

I don't consider myself one ofthose really beautiful people, I am defiitely not ugly but definitely not one of them. Yet I know quite a handful of very attractive girls (and some guys) who are sinlge and have a hard time fidning a serious relationship.

They're not slutty, not conceited. They are aware that they're attractive but they know that it won't get them anywhere and certainly isn't the only thing worth about them. Yet most guys who hit on those girls just want a one night stand and when it comes to attractive guys, the girls fear that those guys are jerks, players, and will stray because they can find someone "better looking".


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  • Yes, I personally do think that there are a lot of people who are prejudiced against extremely good looking people. I don't consider myself one of those prejudiced people since I really do try my best to treat everyone the same (I'm aware it doesn't always work out that way but I honestly do try), but I am - on occasion - somewhat intimidated by the extremely extremely good looking people out there.

    I think a lot of people often times place more emphasis and "shine the spotlight" more on those who are considered "ugly" that were wrongfully mistreated/judged because of said ugliness, therefore overshadowing another very prevalent problem that also occurs in today's society, prejudice against the very good looking. I was actually reading an article a few months back that detailed employers' hiring decisions, and this one employer in particular said that if a candidate was particularly good looking then she would purposely not hire them as she felt that the lesser-attractive candidates had probably had a "harder life" and therefore deserved the job more. Kind of ridiculous right? lol.

    From the ones that I have known, with the exception of a few, I would have to really agree with you and say that for the most part from my experience, they really aren't "slutty" or "conceited", the really really really beautiful people anyways. I know a lot of *only* semi-really goodlooking people who are quite full of themselves (guys and girls), but the truly striking seem to be pretty down to earth and very genuine people (at least from my experience). I have one friend of mine who is particularly gorgeous, and she has the hardest time getting dates. It's to the extent that it really just amazes me. When she goes out she turns heads, gets quadruple-takes, occasionally stopped on the street by strangers to tell her how beautiful she is, etc. and yet get this: she's never had a boyfriend, only been asked for her number twice in her life, and has never actually gone on a proper "official" date. It really just blows my mind. People always assume she is either taken or thinks of herself as "too good" for them when in reality she is the sweetest and kindest person I know. As well, I think it's harder to become friends with people of the same sex when you're that beautiful, since so many people are prone to comparing themselves against others, etc.

    Now, I'm not saying that good looking people always have a hard time, because that's simply not true. But I do think that a lot of prejudice against them does occur but since "perfection" is the ideal that so much of today's society and/or media kind of pushes on us, that often times this problem gets swept under the rug and ends up being ignored. I think it's important to remember that just because someone's literally beautiful, is not at all an indicator of what kind of life they've had/gone through or their character as a person. For the most part, they simply got lucky with genetics.


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  • Yes sometimes... I get death stares from guys and girls maybe because they feel intimidated that your more good looking than they are


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