Does it feel like everything is rushing past you faster when you're unattractive?

Ever since I gained 15 lbs and just got plain more unattractive, it feels like everybody appears more busier and unkind to me.

I know this is a silly observation, but even when I am walking on the sidewalks in a residential area, cars seem to accelerate and speed up when they pass me.

I am very low self esteem and feel ashamed to go outside ever since my appearance went downhill.

This is just really bad :(


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  • Take it as a learning experience.

    You see who your real friends are when you're down. The real friends will stick around when you've fallen down and will lend a helping hand. But you have to be willing to comply. Nobody is gonna stick around forever.

    At this point, you have to take it upon yourself to get your life in order. Don't wait for someone to magically start caring. I've been there. You can wait years and in the end nobody cares. It's all on you.


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