Describe Your Scale of 1 to 10?

What does it take to achieve each digit on your 1 to 10 scale? What are your reactions to each number? You can use pictures or name celebrities if you want.

For me:

10: An otherworldly beauty who is like a work of art in motion capable of engaging your passion on eye contact. Getting too close to a person like this runs the risk of you burning up in her atmosphere like an asteroid in the sun.

9: A gorgeous person who seems to make the room shine a little brighter. They make a Greek statue look like a child's action figure.

8: The kind of beautiful you want to be around everyday. Not so breathtaking that you feel inadequate next to them, but beautiful enough that you can say they are the most beautiful person in the world with a straight face.

7: She's beautiful, the kind of girl you imagined yourself ending up with, to whom you feel compatible.

6: They're pretty, to be sure, and they catch your eyes enough that you could definitely see yourself with them, even if you consider yourself the more attractive of the two.

5: They are by no means ugly, but you can't say beautiful or handsome with a straight face.

4: They blend into a crowd.

3: This person seems malformed, and you try not to be rude and stare.

2: They are so ugly you can smell it. You might have seen them scuttling out of Wal-Mart the other day. At this point on the scale, you can feel the blood evacuate your genitalia.

1. They look like an extra from a science-fiction that was cancelled two years ago. The sort of otherworldly that could only come from the mind of H.P. Lovecraft.


Most Helpful Girl

  • lol I like your list. Mine is extremely biased towards my preferences not physical appearance.

    1. Doesn't necessarily mean your ugly, it just means I would never be interested.

    2. I don't find you interesting or appealing in the least, but your not all bad

    3. Maybe just maybe

    4. It could happen, you've got some redeeming qualities I still wouldn't really be interested though

    5.Pretty good lookin'

    6. Your Hot, but I'm still not interested

    7. You're not my type, but I'd go for it.

    8. Wow...


    10. He's a GOD *worshipping*

    A 10 to me could be a 5 to someone else.


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  • You've obviously put some thought into this. I applaud you for the effort!

  • I do more a grading scale like A,B,C,D,E,F and there are such things as B+ and B- and so on!

    A=Gorgeous, Angelically Beautiful




    F=Circus freak! Oh my!

    • What's E? lol

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    • There is no E think of how you are graded in school.

      Also I like the A-F scale I am used to it :)

    • In the school handbook I actually saw that an E grade exist. I don't know if it was ever used though. I never saw anyone in K-12th grade with an E. lol

  • I would have to agree with your list. 5 is the absolute average. There is nothing inherently ugly about a "5". There's nothing pretty/handsome, either.
    by the way , I love your description of a "one". Genius!

  • 10- Damn!

    9- Holy smokes

    8- Yummy

    7- Still yummy

    6- Ok

    5- Eh

    4-1- No

  • 71/2 only because people love to be around me but other wise7

  • Gosh, Mr. Wrong, I'm a 4 on your scale. ;'(

    I'd say mine is:

    1. Who?

    2. Aww...

    3. Hmmm...

    4. Eh...

    5. Yeah...

    6. Oooh...

    7. Marry me...

    8. Oh baby...

    9. Oh my goodness, please? Right here?

    10. *I'm a walking orgasm*

    • Well that's because you're anonymous, silly.

      Lol, nice scale.

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    • I'm not sure where I place, but I'm grateful people don't throw things at me.

    • Cute. ;)

  • I'm a 10.


What Guys Said 1

  • 1-9: Not for me

    10: Perfect


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