How can I encourage my boyfriend to shave (his face) more often?

My boyfriend used to shave all the time. And when he didn't,it wasn't as big a deal, because his hairs were finer/ thinner since he was younger. But now his hairs are very coarse, and it's very uncomfortable for me to kiss him when he's gone more than a few days between shaves. Sometimes I let him know that I prefer it when he shaves for that reason, and sometimes if he seems to be forgetting, I request nicely for him to shave the next day. I don't like to nag or seem superficial, but it really bothers me when he continually forgets even when he says he'll do it. I don't expect him to shave every day, but I don't think every few days is too much to ask. After all, I have a lot more skin to shave than he does, but I do it for him.

How can I get him to prioritize this more? It starts to cause resentment for me when I feel like he doesn't care that kissing him is painful for me. I want to be able to enjoy kissing him and I want to feel like he's willing to put in that little effort for me. Any advice?


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  • The only way is to do the same with him and see if he even cares. Stop shaving yrself down there and everywhere else and look rough to him. See if it makes any difference to him. Give him tit for tat. If he doesn't ask you what is going on or doesn't change, I'm sorry, you two do not belong together. I mean it... From experience.

    • Thanks for your answer, but I don't think I can heed it.

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    • May I ask what the issue was that you were dealing with?

    • I woul really love to talk about my side of the problems. But I would prefer off the public wall. If you can send me a message, I can tell you all about my misery. :(

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  • How old is this guy? Tell him he either grows a beard or shaves daily, otherwise he doesn't get any.

    Your not nagging, it really physically makes you uncomfortable and causes you irritation. If this is not enough to get him to shave regularily there is something more going on with him and your relationship.

    • He is 18. I know he cares about me, I think he just gets busy/ lazy or thinks it's not that big a deal. I will try to remind him more firmly and see if that helps. Thanks for your answer!

  • Tell him that his scruff irritates the inside of your thighs. That would get me to shave more often. :)

    • I tell him that too. Sometimes when he's giving me oral I have to stop him because his stubble is hurting not just my thighs but even my nether regions. He'll complain about stopping and try to keep going, he'll only stop when I explain that it hurts, but he'll still show up the next day unshaven.

    • Dunno. I'd shave for my S.O.

    • Maybe I just have to keep reminding him. It's just that I start to feel like I'm nagging.

  • Maybe he is shaving often, but his hair just grows really fast? I know that happens with me.

    • No haha. He'll go weeks without shaving sometimes. I know because he tells me.

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