Anyone watch DWTS? I have a similar build to Rob K.

What do you ladies think? I was shocked to hear he's had some confidence issues, and I was like wow I can totally relate to this guy a lot! I have a similar body type like his, but for some reason I see him on TV and he looks fine to me, but when I look at myself in the mirror sometimes, I don't always like what I see.

I'm definitely a nice guy too, and I'm not bad looking either, just not in tip top shape. Any thoughts on how to be more attractive? I'm not gorgeous by any means, lol but I would love to attract a woman I thought was gorgeous if at all possible! :P


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  • You have to be comfortable with yourself before anyone else could be. . You supposed to love your body no matter what if not it is not to late to come up with an exercise plan. . A female could tell when a guy is self-conscious and that is a problem when that female is concieted. Belive in yourself more


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  • Then if this is the case I'd worry more about finding someone DTF as opposed to watching DWTS and I mean if it's bad you can always just LOL and tell them TTYL and never call them again and then tell all your boys that OMG she was so bad.

    • Oh ya and ROFL homie

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    • Sorry I even bothered to reply.

    • Hahahaha.

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