Would this be cute or dumb?

so I really like this girl but I never see her anymore. I only see her at passing period. I want to ask her out but we don't even know each other. So how can I go and talk to her without being awkward. My friend said that someone was planning to ask her out soon so if I'm going to do anything it has to be soon. I was thinking of writing a note or like a clue haha like the old secret admirer kind of thing but is that dumb? I don't know what to do... =\


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  • Relax. The last thing you want to do is get worked up about it. Don't worry that someone else wants her, that's how cute girls are. Focus on your game. Yeah, it's hard to approach someone who you don't know, but you can do anything you decide to do.

    Basically talking to a girl goes like this:

    You spot her.

    You pause for a second, catch your breath and remember something that you went through which makes you feel like the man. Some karate kid type moment, doesn't matter. Hell, I sometimes just think about this burly squirrel I once saw jump like 30 feet, sounds funny but the point is, it's personal and all it needs to do is remind you that you can do anything, and it distracts you from any fearful thoughts.

    Then you decide you'

    • Son of a monkey, the website at the second half of my answer.. I'm deflated now...

      Basically just decide to talk to her, count to 3, on 3, you walk toward her. When you get there, (about 5 feet from her) she will probably look at you. If not, wait a brief moment and step one step closer. When she looks at you, give her a little smile. Not too much smile. Then say "hey". Her response will tell you alot. If her eyes are half closed, or she doesn't turn her body toward you, she may not be

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    • I had more, but after the website ate it and I retyped a bunch of it, I'm done. Don't write her a note, that's stalkerish. The whole point is that you meet face to face and become friends first.

      And the hardest part: Stay relaxed. A good trick for this is to breath slowly, and remember that she's afraid of guys, and would love someone nice to love her, and maybe you're the perfect guy for that!

    • Ok thanks that helped A LOT... I'm not good with girls at all and am kinda shy... Haha the only relationship I had blew up fast so I'm still pretty new...

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  • Okay well from my perspective since I'm a girl. If she finds you attractive or something. Maintain eye contact with her (: whenever you see her that one time ; smile or just look at her . If she doesn't smile back or rolls her eyes in disgust, then maaybe you should just move on because there's better people out there. The old secret admirer thing is real cute, but she might think it could be someone else. The best thing you could do would be to just go up to her and ask her for her screenname or whenever she has lunch; it could be a real ice breaker and it could get you two somewhere. I hoped I helped (:

  • you remind me of this guy I like, I like him a lot. I don't even know him, he's pretty cute but he's quiet and a junior. I am also shy, and a freshman. His friend (also my friend) likes me and he asked me out so many times but I just don't like him. It's not my fault:( I just don't and I feel bad that I don't. According to our friend the guy I like thinks I am avoiding him now. And it feels like my friend is holding me back from talking to the guy I like. I only see him in the hallways now a days, I don't know how to talk to him. Also I pretend like I am avoiding the guy I like even though I would love to be around him. He knows I like him and he has done nothing...I was really hoping he would talk to me ...it's been a while now, I still like him but he doesn't do or say anything. Do you have any advice for me by any chance? Thanks!

  • lolz well yea that's dumb you shuld jus go up to her nd talk to her be a man not a boy


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