Why do women try to improve their look using damaging and dangerous products?

I really don't understand why girls try to improve their look using damaging and dangerous products. its not just albout modern world, ancient women did this too. why?


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  • Why do women do that? Narcissism, insecurity, vanity, or society, men and other women.

    Society, men and even women themselves value a woman on three things: beauty, youth, and chastity.

    No matter what a girl's personality, intelligence, or achievements her worth as a woman is her beauty, youth, and chastity.

    After all you don't see guys bragging about how unattractive/average their girlfriend is, or how old she is, or how unchaste/slutty/town pumpish she is.

    Beauty is usually the biggest obsession because the other two can usually be overriden if the girl is pretty enough.

    • You're too damn pessimistic!

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    • "Narcissism, insecurity, vanity, or society, men and other women." Don't you dare blame men for this.

    • @Kaeden

      That's not pessimistic that's reality.


      Men are a factor in that. Seems like you have issues with men having anything negative applied to them. Men aren't all goodness & purity.

      Men are human beings and most humans are good & bad there's really not some majority good/minority bad bs.

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  • I have a counterquestion - why do YOU do it?

    But to answer your question, women always wanted and still want to look prettier and more attractive, even if they may risk damaging their health.

    Ever heard "beauty requires sacrifice"?

    To some degree similar thing is about the guys, who get injuries when working out or sometimes even muscle overload and failure. And don't believe anyone who says they wanna get ripped for themselves - the main reason is to attract the ladies!

    • I don't do it - just a little bit

  • i don't know iam just glad iam not a woman lol all the crap you ladies put on your face. iam pretty sure most make up dries out the skin makes it wrinkle faster

  • Because for some reason a lot of women believe that throwing a ton of stuff on themselves makes them attractive.

    • but why are they damaging their bodies? it will make them less attractive after few year

  • Damaging and dangerous? What's dangerous about a miniskirt and a few sit ups?

  • beauty kills

  • They're crazy.


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  • The obsession with beauty. Pressure from society to fit the perfect image. It is really is all about looks, though some will disagree.

    • I know that we all want to fit the perfect image, but its possible to do it less damaging way - for example bleaching hair every week, straightening hair 3x a day, sleeping with make-up... woman can be perfect without this

    • I don't know any who do that ha ha that sounds like too much effort.

    • its so sad that I know many girls who do that, but its not effort - they are just so lazy in many cases

  • What products are you talking about specifically? Everything extra women do is damaging something. Hi-lights and dye is damaging to your hair, Nail polish is damaging to your nails, etc. Even eyeliner could be dangerous if you were applying it and someone scares you, and you poke your eyeball haha

    • not just these - for example some girls buy botox injections on web and then they use it at home

    • I just think it's the constant pressure on having to look beautiful. The media has brainwashed society into having a certain perception of beauty and now women think, that they need to go on these extreme diets, get their boobs done, get procedures to make them look younger, etc. It doesn't help that people admire celebrities and we perceive them as perfect and beautiful. Our perception on what is beautiful these days is so skewed. We all want to be beautiful, and unfortunately people think that

    • 's what is needed to be done to be beautiful.

  • Improving their look by using dangerous and damaging products.. such as?

    • peroxide, botox bought on internet, many ingredients in make-up, many kinds of glue, acrylic acid...

    • Basically everything that isn't natural is damaging in a way.. men do it as well, not just women.

      Why we do it ? because of society.

  • Because they'll do whatever it takes to look as good as they can.

  • Many reasons...

    1.Self satisfaction.

    2.Pressure from the society.

    3.Media influence ( celebbrities,supermodel)




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