Scars are Dubbed as Attractive in Men. Is it Equal on a Woman?

It is common knowledge that men who bear scars are seen in a more masculine light-- particularly specifically placed scars.

Does that same theory hold true in the female gender? Is it equally as alluring and/or interesting?

If a woman bore a long, jagged scar from her elbow to wrist... what would cross your mind, men?

What about one that snaked along her cheek?

The women that I have encountered all attempt to hide major scars, and I see not the reason. Personally, I cannot help but feel a bit fulfilled and proud when I glance at my own. Most of them were born through an enjoyable activity, or serve as a particular remembrance... I have no regrets.

I have always been curious. We all have scars from childhood or otherwise-- but I have never seen the topic discussed.


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  • Well, unfortunately it is not a sign of masculinity in women, but it CAN STILL be attractive.

    To explain, here is a very pretty and lovely girl who the guy finds "HOT HOT HOT" Then one day, she has a scar or stitches, bandage or a cast. Shallow people are disillusioned and disgusted. Polite people try to avoid mentioning it. Suddenly, all of the guys who crush on her enough care a lot about this pretty girl, and feel that, because of her minor/major injuries, now's there chance to prove that they don't just like her for her looks, they compliment her, and another thing, they get to show that you care about her, so to be less obvious about their concern (and maybe love) they may tease her and say something along the lines of "Well next time, try to stay off the_____" but always end with a sneaky but sincere, warm "You'll be alright'. That's the kill button every hopeful guy imagines for the situation, that when she's hurt, sad, and maybe even disfigured, she turns to you for comfort. I even want that! If that's not a form or at least a basis for real attraction I don't know what is! Every "sweetheart" guy whose heart IS sweet jumps at this opportunity. "Are you okay" can sometimes be too redundant. But hey, these are just my own thoughts. They don't mean much on a "That's not always the case".


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  • The best research I've seen on this, which you could probably dig up, suggested women found men with scars more attractive, men were indifferent to scars on women.

    That's an instinct thing, if she got them from cutting, the story behind them might freak him out, if she got them through over enthusiastic masturbation somehow he might be excited. But I'm talking about instinct and attraction, not how we intellectually process information.

  • Scars in and of themselves are not cool, on a man or a woman. The story behind them is what makes them cool.

  • I don't think so.

    Men hold scars because they probably got them fighting. They are sign of toughness, virility, strength.

    Women who have scars, usually (though not always) got them through self-harm.

    That's a sign of weakness, mental instability, crazyness. Not attractive qualities.

    So it depends on the woman, I think. If she was like, a biker chick... and had obvious biking scars, like from accidents or some fairly intense brutal "playing", then it might be hot.

    But for suzy q. normal, who's got scars on her legs and wrists because she had an emo childhood? Stay away... that girl is messed in the head.

    • Girls never played outside or rough-housed with each other? LOL. I sure did.

  • Are men who don't have "scars"...unattractive? Because ya know, "my weakness is, that I care too much, our scars remind us that the past is real"

    • I don't quite understand what you said.

      Unless I am missing something: then, negative. Men without scars (which is difficult to come by... even a simple scrape of the knee is technically a scar) are certainly not unattractive. I never implied that they were not.

    • Papa Roach. "scars" you might like the song...

What Girls Said 4

  • I couldn't say. As far as I can tell, most people are just neutral on womens' scars, haha. But I don't give a s.hit, I LIKE mine.

  • I know this pretty girl when I was in college. She loved to wear low back shirts or racer backs. When she does you can see this thin line of white scar going perfectly down her back and probably towards her hips. I am not a lesbian but I found that scar to be incredibly hot and it made her back all that more distinctive and unusual. Whenever I ended up sitting behind her in class I'd end up staring at it. I am sure it was from a spine operation but it looked cool regardless.

    Flawless skin is boring. Scars separates us. I have one looong one going from hip to hip (a few inches below my belly button). It would suck if men ran out just cause of that.

    • My friend has a scar from back surgery like that because she has scoliosis, and she's always been SO self-conscious about the scar. And I'm always like, 'WHY? It's f.ucking cool!' Hahah.

  • Yes, it's true that on men (most of times) scars look hot and even beautiful randomly. But I have to admit that they could be as well hot on girls. I like my scars on my knees I even find them cute and sexy. Like I'm still a kid.

    Otherwise, scars can be very unattractive on men as well they are on gals. If they are acne scars or something like that... I may sound nasty but they can push me away from both gals and guys. The place and the story of scars make them attractive no matter who is the person they are on.

  • All sorts of "ugly" things are deemed attractive on men: big noses, big jaws, big ears, fat bellies, gray hair, scars, etc.

    Women, on the other hand, need to be as close to perfect as possible to be attractivel.

    • I understand that, to an extent. It also depends on the particular man in question if the details that you mentioned are attractive.

      Generally, though... I agree.

      As for the last bit: I believe that that holds a magnitude of truth, however unfortunately.

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