Do women look for just sex?

Well do they? What are these type of women looking for? What state of mind are they in? Where are they?

How can a man differentiate between women looking for just sex and women looking for a relationship?

I mean honestly, who wants to break a heart if there are alternatives?


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  • I'm sure there are some women who say they only want sex, but I kind of believe when it comes down to it women are incapable of maintaining relationships based on sex only.

    I think the women who say they want sex only:

    a) Say they want sex only secretly hoping some guy will fall for them in the process.

    b) Haven't had positive male role models in their life and are subconsciously filling that void

    c) Say they want sex because feminism has convinced them it's liberating. Real feminism is knowing you don't need a man to feel liberated :) (and anyway... two wrongs don't make a right)

    I agree with you though... why break a heart if there are alternatives. Same as "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free".... Girls put out, but like I said I don't think it's ever "just for sex" as we've always got something going on in our minds.

    Hope you enjoyed my 2 cents, LOL


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  • Depends on her situation. Does she work alot, is she in a fast pace work environment etc...Women who are independent, aware of their own needs, comfortable with themselves, is safe to say 100% completely aware that we are all adults making adult decisions. It's finding that independent woman who's aware and secure with their choice for sex vs. someone who will cry and get hurt for feeling ashamed of their actions. I honestly believe relationships just happen if both people enjoy each others presence in and out of bed.


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  • There are some, but most just looking for sex ask for money:-)

    April is right as well that most normal women have a plan somewhere somehow.

    However, if you are lucky enough to find a girl just looking for sex, go with it for a'll have fun. But be careful not to get too attached for when you find your not the only one she is playing with.