Will he expect me to get plastic surgery one day?

I'm dating a great guy who is very conscious of looks and the body. He works really hard to be fit and attractive. I do too, but I worry about the future. His last girlfriend had fake boobs (got them before they started dating) ... He says mine are better, but will he change his mind if we stay together and I start to get old? How can you tell if a guy will expect you to get plastic surgery? Should I just ask?


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  • I'm quite similar to this guy, I do expect girls to look good and I won't date them if they'll look bad, but I make sure I'm always well-groomed, I work out regularly and I dress good, otherwise it would be hypocritical to hold such views!

    From my position, I would expect you to eat healthy, work out and take a decent care of your hair and face. I don't expect girls to dress-up top-notch every day like to some kind of a fancy meeting like a wedding for example!

    Plastic surgery is any useful only for permanent flaws in the face, like nose or something, so if he already haven't even mentioned anything like that don't worry it's highly unlikely he'll ask you to go under the knife!

    And the truth is that plastic surgeries are okay only for very serious flaws, so if you put some make-up and get a good haircut and look great, you don't need a plastic surgery!

    Most of guys actually automatically don't even notice mini-flaws to girls, and if more the guy is into the girl, then more he'll not notice such things, it's natural!

    And getting old doesn't mean doomed looks, of course the count good looking people severely reduces after 40, but even past it it's perfectly possible to remain good-looking!

    And you're still just dating him, don't overanalyze too much and about too distant future!

    The chances are he might suck at some other department, not this one! ...just joking!


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  • To offer a guy's insight, I doubt it. Of course we as guys like big boobs, but 90% of guys will tell you that they prefer real boobs to fake ones. He may bring the topic up, but if he is even a halfway decent guy and not an utter a**hole he won't ask you to do it if you don't want to. It is impossible to know what he will think about your boobs in the future and may want you to get a boob job, but if he ever does bring it up, he'll do it as kindly and put as little pressure on you as he can. While guys do want you to stay attractive, a little sagging is preferable to getting bitched at for the rest of your life about making her do it. Most guys don't want you doing something you are uncomfortable with, but all relationships are give and take. Would you like it if as he got older he stopped working out and let himself become a fat slob? Do with this what you will.

    • For all I know, HE will want to get plastic surgery himself when he gets past 40. I have no idea. I guess I should just ask him. I'd rather save the money for retirement than get work done that is really only a temporary fix to aging, though I would (in theory) like to get plastic surgery.

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  • Since she got them before they started dating, that was a decision she made that he didn't have any influence on. He is happy with the way you are, you are "perfect" in his eyes.

  • If he hasn't said anything now, he won't say anything in the future.But guys change their mind a lot, so if he has something to say, he'll say it eventually.

    • Can I sort out the "eventually" now? I don't want to get 10 years down the line and figure out that I'll have to get a bunch of work done to keep him happy. Women get pretty unattractive to men after we pop out their kids.

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    • By "can" ... I meant, do you think its an appropriate question? So, I guess your answer is that it's fine to ask?

    • Yes its fine to ask

  • I don't think most guys expect it. I find it pretty controlling if a guy tells a girl he wants her to get plastic surgery.If she comes to him on her own and says she wants the surgery and he's supportive that's fine, but if he goes to her and says "your t*ts aren't big enough, fix them" or "your nose is too big, get surgery", that's problematic.


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