Girls what would you think?

Girls if you saw a dude with a straight up butt ugly woman, what would you think. Even though the guy maybe a good looking guy around an 8 (The reason I say I am an eight is because I am chubby so the body is not really there yet. Not like damn he is fat but still chubby).


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  • i agree with the first anonymous answer, the guy in question probably thinks he's better looking than he really is. I doubt he's an lets say the guy is more like a 6, if he's with a butt ugly girl it depends...if she dresses nicely and you can tell she tries to look cute but just isn't genetically gifted I'd think she probably has a great personality or he's truly in love. if she looks frumpy, dumpy or nerdy I'd think he's using her


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  • Love is blind.

    I wouldn't pay too much attention to the guys appearance vs. the girl's.

    You love who you love.

    Relationships lie deeper than the surface.

  • I would think that he's either deep; and looks for more than just looks or that he has some major flaws in his personality.

  • I would guess he was tired of hot girls attitudes. He may have been friends with her first and loved her personality.

    I know a couple like this. He thinks he's hot stuff. And I get Confused when I see her.

  • If he's very good looking I'd probably think he's using her for sex or money or that she treats him like a god and feeds his ego.

    If he's average or less I wouldn't think anything except that it's a normal relationship.

    And if she's ugly with a sexy body, I think I'd also have my answer :P

  • Being chubby and calling him an "8" seems pretty high to me. Surveys have shown that men grade themselves higher than reality and women grade themselves lower than reality.


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