Why would a guy speak to a girl and the other times the guy stops speaking?

There was this random guy at my college and we do not know each other. I am a shy person but am nice and the guy started speaking to me for like two times when he saw me and I spoke too.

Then another day I see him, he does not speak as if he does not remember me or remember speaking to me like he use to, instead he looks slightly up and down my clothes and looks me in the eyes, so I just look at him back.

I ended up seeing him again and he looks down at my clothes again slightly and gives me this deep eye contact but does not speak, so I look at him also. He then turns another direction and makes a expression with his eyes as if saying what are you looking at.

I would like to know why would a guy start speaking to a girl and then all of a sudden they stop? Why was this guy giving eye contact and looking me down slightly?


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  • I think he would speak to a girl and then stop yes.


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