What kinda clothes should I wear? girls only answer!

but I really want to know what I should wear to attract more girls...in other words get them to look at me more!


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  • Kylek, wear something that is comfortable because if you don't look comfortable then people will pick up on that. Like if you don't like wool sweaters because they are itchy, then don't wear them.

    You could also wear something that gives you confidence. If you know you look good in a button down shirt then wear it. Confidence will go a long way when it comes to attracting someone.

    If you have a gay friend, sorry for the stereotypes but, have him help you pick something out. They have better fashion sense then I do and don't mind helping you out. I just wouldn't agree to let them watch you change.


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  • Clothes that fit, Clothes that are clean, clothes that are well taken care of, clothes that compliment you..

    I am a huge fan of Express though

    I hate to tell you this, but you should really only "be yourself" The way you dress yourself isn't going to be universal unless you wear fancy designer clothes, but that attracts women cause their superficial.

    • well I like Express and buckle ...thats about it! but I'm not into all that new budazzle sh*t they have for guys now

  • i think the most attractive look for guys is semi fancy, like to wear a nice button up or a polo with clean dark jeans! its so hot!


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