Thinning hair/hair-line... What should I do!?

I have a receding hair-line. I suppose it isn't that bad, but I'm worried that in a few years it will be bad, and I'm still young and everything. should I just keep my hair really short? spike the front? buy rogaine? lol

I already have a hard time getting girls to like me, so this concerns me a little.


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  • Rogain or like that Boyle stuff really works but I don't think you have to much to worry about when looking for women just be you and be confident. And if it really bothers you then you should just shave all of your hair off :)

    • I don't think my head is the right shape to be bald lol. I want hair! :D but I like I said it isn't too bad... YET.

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    • hahahaha! :D

    • :)

What Guys Said 1

  • First of all - go to a specialist and take a blood test. I have the same worries so I took it and they found I lack in certain vitamins and stuff that may cause this things.

    I'm not saying medicine is not an option but before you take anything just make sure you are not overlooking stuff.

    If you find out you need it, then by all means take it. :)

    • interesting. thanks for the info man!

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