Make up suggestions?

basically I have a change of color in my skin, so my skin is smooth and everything, except I have acne scars and red patches from acne and the color is under the skin.

any good make up which can help hide this? please help!

thank you x


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  • not sure about makeup, but try aloe plant on your face. it's great for fading scars from acne

  • This powder I use from walmart actually hides acne scars REALLY well. But it won't hide actual acne, I don't think anything like that actually exists. The powder has like a bunch of different colors in it, but it won't let me post the link so I can't show it to you.

    IDK if this will work for red patches though, because I don't really have any. But I would reccommend a liquid foundation for that.

    So, What you should do is put the liquid foundation on the red patches, but don't rub it in all the way, or too think because the red patches will show... It's okay if you can still see the foundation at this point. Then put the powder all over your face. Since powder absorbs oil, it will hide the liquid foundation that's not completely rubbed in.

    I would reccommend getting an oil astringent, to dry out your skin, then wash your face with an exfoliating scrub. Then go to sleep, and wash your face for real, and if ti' still dry, put a moisturizer on.

    Hope I helped :)


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