Excess skin issue?

I have been dating this girl for about 7 months, and she is very cute and has a great personality too. While she looks really good with clothes (does cross fit now), she used to be fat and has excess skin on her stomach area and chest sags too. It bothers me, but I don't want to break -up over it... I have looked if it goes away but it seems like the issue is met with mixed results. She is 21.


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  • Dramatic weight-loss can cause saggy or excess skin, thus it's suggested to lose weight at a moderate tempo. I assume she lost a lot of weight or lost it very quickly. Unfortunately exercises and non-invasive treatments only work with minor cases.

    In the case where the excess skin is quite severe I would suggest plastic surgery. It is a procedure called body contouring and can be quite expensive and invasive. Do some research on the operation and then decide if the skin really bothers you enough to make your girlfriend have a major surgery to change it.

    If you decide this is what you want your going to have to introduce the idea very subtly. If she has just lost a lot of weight she will also be keen to look her best, so watch plastic surgery shows or bring up a story of a friend of a friend who had the operation. It will probably hurt her feelings a little, especially coming from you. If this is to hard for you try talking to a friend of her and ask if she would suggest it. It is better hearing it from a friend than a boyfriend.

    Hope this helps, but remember don't base a relationship on trying to change your partner. It always ends messy.

    • Ya, she lost a lot of weight fast before I met her. I didn't know know how she looked under her clothes and when I saw I was like o.o? But I mean I feel like I am in no position to suggest surgery to her especially since I would be for my own selfish reason... I think I need to be patient and see how her body reacts. Even if it bothers me its her body and she should decide to do surgery on her own without any influence.

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  • what's your question? how to get rid of excess skin? typically, it goes away by itself, though as you mentioned, some people have better luck than others. she's attractive, has a personality that you like... I think this is something you should be able to overlook. she's human. accept her flaws.

    • My question was aimed toward what solutions I might recommend her to take... But she eats very healthy as is (vegetarian), and works-out...I sort of feel like mentioning to her to see a surgeon, but I think she would her feelings hurt :(. I understand what you're saying, but I still can't help it bothering me... Its like looking at an old woman's chest and abs... I was mostly wondering if anyone here was ever overweight and how they dealt with it their excess skin. Thank you for your insight.

  • You should talk to her bout this. It's going to be awkward and it's going to hurt her feelings for sure, but this is a serious issue for you that you can't put aside, then you need to communicate with her

    • Ya, it is a touchy issue... But am I really any authority to mention something so major to her?

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  • At her age this will resorb with time especially if she works out. Talk to her about it, you'oing her a favor.

    • I have read its based on your genetics how well your body will reabsorb the excess skin. I am think to give her time to see if it will reabsorb, or to mention surgery...

    • I'm not an expert butfrom what I've seen, at your age this usually goes away with time without surgery, especially if she starts working out and getting some muscle to replace the lost fat.

  • Mixed results... better hope you get lucky.

    • I see this worries me T.T... Thank you.

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