Is it easier for girls and women to look attractive?

think about it

Make up = Women have the option to use it to better their qualities and look better (which makes them feel better too) with it, men can't use make up because it's against the norm

Skin = Women can show off some cleavage or skin if they don't have boobs (legs,arms,belly) and they are that much more attractive, men can't show off any skin other than their arms and maybe legs (shorts) but those are not attractive

Body = The average skinnyfat body of a woman can be found attractive by a majority of men, but a skinnyfat man is not attractive to any women, men NEED to have muscle definition

Clothing = Women have many more options and styles when it comes to clothing, while men don't

Shoes = Women can wear any degree of heels to make themselves taller (or not) while men can't and have to deal with their height (which can be a deal breaker for many girls)

These are just a few points that already point in the women's side, I think it's easier for women to look physically attractive than it is for guys, what do you think?


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  • Well you state all these things and that will probably sway many people who answer.

    If we are just going on natural beauty guys have it easier. Sometimes if a girl just sleeps the wrong way her face is morphed for the worse throughout the night.

    With props like jewelry, a firery red top, or three inch heels; girls will always win.

    You're right though we show skin and the also important confidence, we become 10 tiems hotter to a person.

    • that's what I mean though, your non-natural beauty is better than any guy's natural beauty, this is unfair too because a lot of guys see these girls (who in reality are average) and feel self conscious about their own looks (since they can't do anything about it)

    • Well many girls can't go out natural because so many women go dolled up every day and guys won't look at a nice natural girl when a barbie is in the picture. All the toppings add competition and are somewhat of a curse.

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  • When it comes to clothing, maybe women are lucky to have more options. But it also makes it more difficult to make the right decisions. I would say it's easier for girls to make disastrous fashion choices because having more styles to try also gives you more ways to go wrong. Girls also have to worry about whether or not they look too "slutty" or too "prudish etc, which isn't something guys really have to think about. Shoes, eh. I could go both ways. Yes, heels can be flattering, but they also don't really fool anyone. Plus, they can be extremely uncomfortable, and feeling obligated to wear them at certain times can be a pain rather than a privilege.

    When it comes to body type and fitness, I think there are also pros and cons. It's true that women have to worry less about being muscular. But they ARE pressured to have specific figures and weights, which can be equally difficult. Girls naturally gain weight more easily than guys do, and have more difficulty losing it, so staying slim is not a place where they have the advantage.

    Makeup is also both a blessing and a curse. Yes, it's helpful for covering blemishes. It's nice to have that option. But girls are also more expected to have flawless skin than guys are. I know that guys who have troublesome skin may also be very insecure about it. But in general, girls are more pressured to have that perfect airbrushed look. I also feel that girls are expected to put out much more effort when it comes to body skin care and hair removal. The standard of beauty in our society dictates soft, smooth, hairless skin all over. Girls have to shave or wax WAY more skin than, which is time consuming, troublesome, expensive, and often painful or irritating to the skin. Girls with excess body hair may have more options for dealing with it than guys with excess body hair, but girls are also judged much more harshly for that than guys are.

    • In conclusion, I think there are a lot of pros and cons for both genders and I don't think it's possible to say that one gender has a more difficult time than the other. Everyone always feels that they have it harder, that's just human nature I guess. But I think it's important not to fall into that. It only creates conflict and resentment. Remember, don't judge a man (or woman) until you walk two moons in their shoes.

      So about the heels thing...

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    • you are too stubborn to admit you're wrong, after I put all that common sense in front of you

    • I could say the same to you.

  • All guys need to do to look good is get a decent haircut and go to the gym regularly...unfortunately a lot of guys don't seem to understand that. Girls are way more forgiving about looks than guys are, it may not seem that way because a lot of guys don't take care of themselves and seem to be challenged when it comes to basic grooming. Guys on the other hand are picky about height, chest size, @ss size, body size, what you wear, what kind of underwear you wear, whether you look high maintenance, you're either too pretty or not pretty enough, you can't be too skinny but you can't be fat either so no, it's not easier for girls to be attractive, it's a constant guessing game and hoping that whatever you are is what the guy you want likes. Whereas guys (like I said) just need to do two simple things, get a haircut and go to the gym, and once those two things are done don't be a creeper and you should be good to go after that.

    • lol you're so stupid that's not all guys need to do, those guys don't get attention

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    • thats retarded then, one more thing against guys that girls don't have to worry about

    • Why would a girl want to date a guy who's a creeper and socially awkward? Would you want to date a girl you thought was socially awkward? Stop b*tching and work on your people skills. Maybe girls don't want to date you because you whine like one and assume that because you can't get a girl something's wrong with us and not you.

  • That may be true, but women appreciate the simple things in men that make them look nice. Such as clean hair, a healthy body and a nice smile.

    Guys don't really need to try, they're quite beautiful without it.

    • bullsh*t lol reality says different

    • Most girls I know feel the same way as I do, I think I would understand the way girls think better than you... :)

  • To a point...some woman don't choose to fix themselves up like that. Some people don't have the money to buy make-up, nice clothes, go to their 5pm hair appointment. That's why we have some "unattractive" women. Its not like the attractive ones are all of that either, they just have the money to spend out on looking good. I believe in natural beauty, but even that takes work. I'm a female who doesn't wear make-up, I do dress nicely, and get my hair done, but I like to use natural products, and facial cleansers to keepy complexion nice and such. Some women don't go all out.

  • i was just thinking about this the other day! guys don't really do much but dress well and smell nice and look clean! women out on a face, dress well, smell well, groom ourselves, do the hair, and I think that's about it. it seems harder for a women to look attractive then for a guy. buuuuut, a womencan look more attractive by being able to do all these things where as a guy is either cute or not. but then I guess you can consider that false advertisement?... hmmm..

    • most guys would choose to do the things women do if they could look good

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    • lol if I please to sigh I shall do just that! :P

    • sure

  • Yes but from my experience, men tend to care about looks more than women. It seems like you deal with women who want a super man who is a 10 but I'm personally not like that, especially with body, I just care that he isn't fat or super skinny. I do not care about muscles at all.

    • from my encounters with many women up to now, they are just as much about looks as guys are

      anyone who denies that is denying reality

    • Women care about looks, not as much, but that's because there are other factors they care about.

      Sadly, there's no push up wallet. Well, I guess there is, its expensive clothes in general, hah.

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  • The way I think about it:

    All of those things you mention are things girls NEED to do to look good often. It is rare that a girl could walk out of bed with no makeup, wearing rags, and never take care of their body and look good. I disagree about the body type thing as well because from what I understand women are much more lenient with guys bodies than guys are with girls.

    Men just get up and go. Ya we shave and shower but beyond that how many guys are taking hours to groom themselves for your average Tuesday? Girls are more naturally beautiful, but guys can look good a lot easier.

    • you didn't even understand the question

      girls have many more options to look good

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    • those "options" make you more attractive (more than any average guy)

    • Maybe it depends on your idea of attractive? Because I sure am not attracted to guys who do those things.

  • The only reason it's like that it cause girls care more about their looks than most guys. I wanna wake up in the morning, brush my teeth mess my hair and throw on a T shirt. What about how it's easier for guys to stay in shape than girls because Most guys are expected to do sports and physical activities.


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