Guys, do you all like long legs & big lips?

It's just a question, I'm almost 5'10" (I'm 16) and anytime I walk by a guy and his friends I hear them say I have hot legs.. or as when I was younger guys always said they wanted to kiss me because I have "nice lips" (Yeah, one of the reasons why I am a lip virgin) or my legs are 'hot'.. I don't like that term.. am I asking too much for wanting a respectful compliment.. like beautiful?


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  • Yes. Men tend to like long legs and big lips as long as you aren't taller than that. For some guys that's a turn off. But you're shorter than me so it wouldn't be at all :D


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  • I don't get the 'lip virgin' thing...but yeah those feature sound attractive. The fact is, most guys are gonna refer to a girl's body in a casual way because they wanna sound cool. But I'm sure no guy would say, 'I think you got some HOT legs' lol

  • DSL!

    Just kidding.

    But yeah I think most guys like that.

    And sh*te, you're taller than me.


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