My cartialge peircing was getting infected, so I removed the earing, how should I treat it?

So I go my ear peirced at clairs (with a gun) on Friday. It was perfectly fine the first couple days. I always cleaned it whenever it said I needed to. Well yesterday, it just felt sore, got swollen, and was red. Today it was still the same. I called clairs and talked to them about it and they said that I should go to a doctor. Basically, I was convinced that I should take it out before it got any worse so I did. I started to read things on google like what should I do if my peircing is infected and it said to NOT take it out because it can be like an opening to get all the infection out. I'm stuck on what to do. Do I put it back in? Clean it with the solution I was given from clairs? HELP pleaaase! I'm worried, I've seen how bad these infections can get and theyre definitely not pretty.


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  • This is Leave it out and get thee to a doctor. It wouldn't hurt to clean it with the solution you were given, but probably that won't overcome the infection. Don't worry, people hardly ever lose their ears because of piercing.


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  • I had the exact same problem 2 years ago. I got my left ear pierced, it got swollen after a couple of days, and my ear was almost twice its normal size. It was painful to sleep on that side.

    But I always heard that the only way I could keep the piercing was if I didn't take it out, so I didn't. After a couple of weeks applying alcohol (it hurt like hell to clean it with that) it started getting better and I managed to keep it.

    Nevertheless, the piercing took almost 1 year before I could stop worrying about taking care of it everyday.

    But I love it and I really wanted it so I guess the effort was necessary.


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