How to choose a hairstyle?

so I don't have any pics of me,and I don't plan on posting them,but I've been told I look like a mix of link and link right now,my hair is pretty much her (alice) length,but I wear it as a bowlcut since my bangs are shorter and the hair around my ears is shorter too (had a pixie cut) I'm trying to decide between link and link I need longer hair for the winter or my ears will fall off
  • The messy/choppy/shorter hairstyle
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  • Zooey/indie girl bangs and long hair
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  • Other...
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  • I can't fully tell you without a pic. You can say what you resemble but lets be honest, its the internet and not too many people resemble a celebrity. Both styles look the same, but I think the first one would be better to pull off. The second one is a square at the top, which not a lot of people can pull off/always style right everyday.

    • i do pretty much look like a mix of them,90% of the people that meet me always tell me I look like them,so it's safe to judge based on them. and the difference is really just the length,the first is shorter with longer bangs,and the second one has schoolgirl bangs with long hair,but you if you have a diff. haircut in mind,i'd love to hear your suggestion,i'm pretty much ''whatever'' with my hair right now

    • No pic=no proof on the internet... Anyways, the first one without bangs/longer ones would look good.

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  • So what did you decide to do?

    • went with the pixie,i just wear hats to protect my ears. I'll probably grow it out to this link length,but it'll take a while :I

    • Oh, I'll bet it looks very cute!

      Hats with a pixie has got to be very sexy.

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