Do you think a great body can make any decent looking person look amazing?

Im bringing this up because one of my friends was a chubby kinda shy guy and over 2 years he got up to about 6'4,tan, muscular, definiton in his stomach and chest and he looks like a ladysman... Do you think a great body can make an average looking person look like a "10" or amazing?
I mean average as in their face.


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  • Yes! Many women who are considered very attractive have great bodies and very average looking faces.

    As long as you aren't really ugly, having an amazing body will definitely make you a lot more attractive than you would be otherwise.

    I know a girl who has beautiful hair and skin and her face is really not pretty but with the hair and skin her overall look is hot.

    I know girls with amazing bodies and very medium faces and with a lot of makeup on and fancy hair guys drool all over it.

    Many attractive girls are really a combination of a hot body and makeup.


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  • Yep. I dress in loose clothing at the gym, and I have a pretty face but the regulars are usually too focused on their workout until I wear something tight and revealing then its bam...

  • a great body is part of someone's appearance. so what do you mean average looking then? what are you basing that on? what you talk about someone's appearance, you take into account their body, face, skin, hair, everything


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  • A 10? no.

    But an average person could become an 8, maybe a 9. An ugly person could become a 6-8.


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