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one of my friends doesn't have the best style out there. I mean she doesn't wear thongs that compliment her figure sometimes. the other one is really really casual which is just fine and the other 2 I'm sorry to say are a mess. and for me, I like wearing stuff that are cute and casual. like skinny jeans, wedges, some random shirt and a scarf. and maybe a beret... can you tell me what kind of style you'd prefer on a girl? just so you now, you'll never ever everrr see me in something that shows too much skin -.- .


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  • I like casual, but not too casual. You're style sounds good.

  • Not to sound like an ass but why would you ask what we prefer on a girl, when you say you'll "never be caught in something that shows too much skin". Doesn't that defeat the purpose of asking the question, just like wearing tights/leggings etc..with a skirt defeats the purpose of a skirt


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