If a guy wants you to wear black dress and high heels...

I'm gonna meet up with a guy soon. We knew each other online, so it's like our first date. He wants me to wear black dress and high heels so that we can dance together. Is it normal that a guy asks a girl to do so? Does he want something from me?


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  • I just think he wants you to look good, sexy and ready to dance. However, I am not sure he should be asking/telling you what to wear.


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  • hmm I don't know. that sounds weird. that's just me. I've been in your position before and I've never asked any of them to wear specifically anything. maybe that is his fetish or something. who knows. that's his pedo. good luck with that though:)

    • it makes sense. I also think the same, but don't know what guys think about it. maybe I'm just too sensitive.

    • it happens some weird vatos in this world lol what can you do right. well I don't think about it. only thing I think about is two things. don't look too stupid and try to set a good impression=D

  • I don't think so with that information (JUST)

    Asking for a particular dress and heels say nothing as to what he wants . It just means he want to see you in them .

    But , you being a girl , always be prepared for being asked for sex . That is a possiblity every time you meet a guy.


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  • Make him wear a condom is he's going to make you wear heels. But before then, make him drink beer out of your heels after a whole night of sweaty dancing.

    • lol, we're gonna drink and dance, but I guess no sex for the first time

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