Is the Past going to affect my relationships?

From about grade 7-10 I was goth; I wore chains, thick eyeliner and dyed my hair collies like fire engine red and blue. I don't know why I did it I guess it was because I already felt like an outcast coming to a new country with a thick Yorkshire accent but that's not the point. I was never mean or anything just quiet and kept to myself. Now in grade 12 I have gotten rid of all my dark clothes and makeup ands wear colors and just a little bit of makeup (still really pale though can't help that) I'm still really quiet but I'm nice and try to be outgoing but that's just not me. I really want to know can a guy look past what I was and see what I am now?


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  • A guy who would punish you for your past isn't worth your heart or time. You shouldn't worry about that. That is you and don't change yourself for anyone. You will meet a guy who would be willing to give you the love that you deserve and admire you as a whole.

    • What if a guy cheated on a girl 8-10 years before he started dating you and he told you about it? Would that make you not want to date him anymore?

    • If he was honest, regretful and proved with his actions that he is a good person, then I don't have a problem being with him.

  • Don't worry about it. I went through the same phase as you except I was even older (14-17) and it's never caused any problems for me. Most guys don't really care about what your style was in the past, what matters is who you are now. Actually you'd be surprised how many guys find the goth thing hot. And I agree with knowmeyourself, any guy who's going to judge you based on how you dressed in the past isn't worth your time.


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