Girls, What are YOUR opinions of makeup as a whole?

I have seen enormous amounts of question on G.A.G asking..what guys think of girls wearing makeup.

And I ****king swear..It doesn't help answer anything..because many guys have different opinions of how girls wear it and if they like girls wearing it...and etc.

But I usually answer this question with.."As, long as you don't cake face, or look like a zombie or clown." It's all good.

I feel like dudes like pretty girls. Regardless of the makeup.

I think any sensible dude knows that makeup can be washed off. And if he knows the girl is thoroughly pretty and has a good personality...he will like her.

From appearance...I must stands out...and it is what I still consider natural beauty.

Unlike plastic is all natural...the stuff comes off. If you wear it correctly it highlights your beauty.

And makeup as a whole has various purposes...



>Highlighting beauty


So, when I see this on g.a.g I assume it is for "beauty" purpose.

Some answers say wear a little bit. Some say wear none at all.

As a girl who has been wearing makeup since age 3. I say "Wear it properly".

Properly- link

Badly- link

Artistically- link

Coverup- link

(It's feet, I dislike feet...-_-)

I just want to find out... girls true opinions. Guys are confusing me with their opinions on this topic.


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  • first, cuddle muffin. You needa chill out. It's just makeup. Secondly, I don't like makeup. I adore girls who just wear eye makeup and that's it.

    I agree with the "cake yourself" statement. Also, I absolutely hate it how girls shave off their eyebrows then draw them with liner.


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  • Seriously, I don't even like even a little bit of make-up but I deal with it because girls think it's a big deal. Most girls look fine without it and what do you think is going to happen when the guy finally sees you without your make-up?

    • I have been told I look the same.

      I don't usually put on stuff that makes me look unhuman or nothing like myself.

  • My opinion is that makeup should always (except for in plays or something) be used to cover up little blemishes or the like to try to make girls look more natural. Natural is the key word here. Lots of guys mistake natural makeup for no makeup. I don't want girls wearing no makeup. I want them wearing just the right amount so I don't think they're wearing makeup but I think they look good.

  • Well the properly link picture is the correct and proper way to wear make up in my opinion. I personally don't mind make up. I just don't like cake faces which is the badly link.

    Its as a simple is that.

  • I like it when it's done properly and accentuates the girl's features but I'd want a girl to be comfortable in her own skin as well (without make up)

    like if we were going to a drive through or something I don't want her to take 20 min to put on make up lol

  • She asked GIRLS!

    But 6 answers are posted by guys, and only one by girls...

    What the f***...

  • Makeup sucks


What Girls Said 5

  • I loooooove makeup! it's like an art form, I see nothing wrong with it. people who are overly judgmental about makeup get on my fcking nerves. it doesn't make you insecure, it doesn't mean your covering up "ugliness", its just a fun way to change up your look and adorn yourself. a pretty girl with makeup is still pretty so who cares?

  • Haha I love how this one is directed towards girls and yet only guys answered so far. LOL I personally don't wear makeup on a normal basis. I just wear it to special events and such. I think that for some women it undermines them making them feel so self conscience and "undressed" with out it. I hate when people say "I don't even have my makeup on". I think that it is fine for every person to use makeup to their own content as long as it doesn't become something that they let take control of themselves. It is always best to be comfortable in your own skin and let makeup help you bring out the beauty already there not be your end all be all.

    • lol..true..when girls ask questions about "guys tell me your opinions on makeup."

      Dudes don't answer...girls do. But a question toward girls...only 1 so far..

      Anyways I know what you mean..."I don't even hate my makeup on"...I sometimes say due to self confidence issues..I just feel not put is like I go outside when it is raining without an shouldn't be that way...but I still feel like makeup is needed when I "go out".

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    • I see. Didn't mean to offend you.

    • lol I tried to message you...but at your current level, I am not allowed to do that unless we are wil see if you will become my 319th...(:

  • Honestly I think that girls who wear makeup are just insucure about themselves and how they look. I rarely wear it and when I do I don't wear a lot just natural colors.

  • I think guys don't realize the difference between light make up and no make up. I have friends that say a girl isn't wearing make up but I can tell you spot on she is.. your right it's all about if it is done properly and not caked on. I think make up up can make certain features stand out more and makes a girl more noticeable. I love wearing make up but I do stick to natural looks and occasionally play with light lipsticks, but sometimes I just like to use some extreme colors for my own enjoyment at home when I know I'm not going anywhere lol

  • i'm lucky because I have good skin, so I rarely wear makeup. even when I go out, or go to a special occasion, its generally quite minimal.

    but then again, I can't speak for people who's skin might not be as clear or have other spots or something. it's not really fair for people like me to say that people who wear make up are insecure, when I don't have the same problem.


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