Leather jackets on guys.. yea or nay?

i personally usually thought they looked far too "yeah I'm macho look at me" but my new boyfriend likes leather jackets and I love it when he wears them. just wanted to see everyone else's opinions.

and how about leather jackets on girls?


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  • I allllways wear a leather jacket. Allllways. I can see the macho connotations but that seems like something 40 years passed. I do it 'cos its that *James Dean* sh*t, man. I love the way it looks, and feels, and its iconographic history. Its been the percursor to rock 'n' roll slickness since the eir of its invention. I don't know why, but its badass.

    I like them on the right people... As you say, trying too hard to be macho - some guys wear it for the whole biker thing, and that just makes me go urghh. And its a staple, just short of a uniform, in metalhead societies and that's judt dreaaaary. But as long as a person doesn't use it as the sole denominator in defining who they are then it can be really awesome. Goes for guys and girls, but its more likely to be cool on girls. Its leaked into female fashions, both high and alternative, the two UK mainstreams, and both types have a really lej take on girls leather. I dig.

    So uh... Yay and nay, ey?


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  • It worked for Fonzie link

    Leather jackets are cool. Largely because of him.


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  • YES they are so cool! : )

  • i love it too. I think it looks great on guys


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