Why do people look down on unattractive people?

The attractive one is more popular, they often get the better jobs, better dates, all the support.

Also on here, I always see the prettier people with a lot more friends on their list, and even if they won't accept all, then the requester "follows" them instead.

There has been a few times I get friend requested then deleted because my pics aren't good. Well what the hell does that matter?! It's not like we're gonna fk.

It's scanless.


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  • Some times people who are unattractive are insecure and lack self confidence. People who lack the confidence to stand up for themselves many times get stepped on and used by people who see weakness are are willing to exploit it. People who are more physically attractive some times have more confidence and as such find better opportunities through networking. Some people look down on others, and it's not always about being beautiful. Look at a cop with power, or a professor with academic prowess. It's not about being beautiful, it's about social dominance. Don't feel sorry for yourself and try to pass the blame off on the beautiful. Pick yourself up, hold your chin high, pursue your dreams with vigor and don't let up! Fight for what you want, one inch at a time.

    • Thanks for the rose

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  • I can tell you that I don't favor people because of their attractiveness. you can add me if you want you seem very good person, good people stick together :)

  • We the Ugly People (tm) of the world make for easy targets.

    We are most visible,

    and in most jurisdictions it's not illegal to discriminate against us.

    I guess that's why for many people it's open season on disgusting human remnants like myself.

    Even the attractive lowlifes need to feel superior to someone else and guess who they pick?

    We will be the last group where it's legal to discriminate against and I don't know if that will ever be abolished since it's just so much fun to put down the ugly people! Isn't it?


    If it helps one's pathetic excuse for self esteem and LIFE in general to look down on someone just because they are not worth looking AT... then I feel sorry for ya, buddy. You seem to be in the majority but it shows your true self every time you do it. And THAT kind of ugliness is what *I* see when you look down on me or put me down or harass me just because I'm not your vision of attractive.

    Have a nice life.


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  • The people follow the new trends..

    And I'm 'Ugly' in a sort of way, but I am not as stupid as let other people walk all over me. If they dun like how how I look then shove it! They look more ugly on the inside then the outside. :)

    I used to have low self-esteem, but I gradually grew out of it, but for those that look down on people for their attractiveness, then, dear, they have have a lot of growing up to do.

    And good luck in your situation.

  • We're all biologically programmed this way. Attractive people are not only nice to look at, but make us assume good things about them. We think they're smarter, nicer, more confident, more successful, more talented, etc. Overall just better, someone we want to know and be around. They're also people we most desire to be in a romantic relationship with.

    Of course we all know through experience that attractive people are not necessarily good people, but it doesn't change what our instincts tell us. On top of that, some people are only here for flirty chat and hooking up, so looks are more important to them.

  • well people who are attractive just present a better image and the world is shallow. if you see 2 packages: 1 of them is nicely wrapped in pretty wrapping paper and topped with a shiny bow, and the other is beat up busted and broken, which box would you assume has the most valuable/better items on the inside?

    i do wanna say that the ugly people who do get looked down on are usually lacking in confidence, don't dress well and act awkward. if your ugly then you need to fix yourself up and try to be confident :/

  • I think it has to do with there personality. Usually people who are unattractive have low self steam I've have seen some people who I thought were not so attractive, and because they had confidence they get what they want.

    So I think its more of confidence than being unattractiveness.

  • Our brains favor the beautiful. It's proven.

    • that's stupid :(

    • Maybe, but it's human nature, we can't really control it. Our brains produce certain feel-good hormones when it is stimulated by looking at a beautiful person.

    • But beauty is a learned concept, which is also proven.

  • that's just life. it will always favor the beautiful


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