Question about jeans?

1. Where do you get your jeans? What brand?

2. How much do they cost?

3. How long do they last?

4. Where do they wear out first?


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  • Uhm, I probably have mostly American eagle jeans which are about fifty bucks. Although, they don't always give out the most flattering ass LOL. But my favorite brand that I own would be Plastic. With tax, I think they were like 170.


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  • I am not picky about my jeans.

    I suppose that I have recently been buying them at Target-- the brand is "Mossimo," if I am not mistaken. link

    How much do they cost? The pair that I purchased a few weeks ago were about $28.00 (perhaps a penny less, hah.) The price used to be in the low $20s... so, they obviously have gone up slightly.

    How long do they last? They are not of a thick material, so it truly depends on what activities you will be participating in. The longest-living (and first) of the particular brand I have is probably a year (or year and-a-half) old-- although, it does have a ripped knee (as I took a rather large tumble, hah.)

    If I wanted something a bit more heavy-duty, I would wear Wranglers (which I have owned and liked.)

    I would have to say they the knees wear out initially... but the butt would be second, considering there is a drastic fade in one pair.

  • I go to stores like TJMAxx or Marshall's most of the time. Can always find some decent jeans pretty cheap. I'm not willing to pay much more than $20 for a pair of jeans. I don't really pay attention to brands.

    I guess jeans that I wear regularly last about two years. They always seem to wear out around the pockets or near the crotch or knees. My one pair of jeans actually just tore on both the knees and there are some tears around the back pockets, blah :\

  • 1. I get my jeans from JBrand

    2. The style I like is $224

    3. I don't know, but I got a pair 2 years ago and still wear them :)

    4. I don't know where they wear out first... I guess the butt area?

    • lol what a retard you are. paying 224 dollars for jeans. the price range for a high end pair of jeans (manufacturing cost) is anywhere from $10 to 15 dollars (maximum). they sell it for 300 dollars = 20 times the manifacturing cost. don't you realize they laugh at pathetic people who buy their overly cheap yet expensive jeans?

    • do you know how comfortable jbrand jeans are?! they're like wearing pajama bottoms... except I can wear them to school haha. none of my other jeans that I own feel like that, so I'm more than willing to pay the extra money for extra comfyness. I understand that you pay more for the label, but if you were to compare these jeans to hollister or bullhead, they are much better quality and more comfortable. it also depends on how much money you have as to what you see as a reasonable price.

    • get off your soapbox chump, it's her money and she'll spend it as she pleases

  • Well I only have 2 pairs of blue jeans and one's from AE and one from Hollister. So I'd guess they were like $50 each which is expensive to me...

    Most of my pants are khaki because of stupid school dress codes...But luckily they're all khakis from Hollister that my friend gave to me. Her mom shops for her all the time and always buys sizes that are too small so she just let's me use them. Although they fit the best Hollister pants have a knack for tearing near the crotch though.:(

  • I usually get them at Kohls. Just whatever brand is on sale.

    Hmm I think I got my last pair for $25.

    They last a long time.

    Well,I have a favorite pair that I bought at Sears a long time ago. I love them because they're the perfect length(I'm a tall girl)and after 100's of washings,they're still soft:)

    I don't think I'll ever toss them:)

  • American Eagle

    They range from 40 to 50 or so. I've gotten some pairs onsale, from 10-30. I like them because they have a good fit and they come in short sizes and just look nice.

    I've had some for over a year and they are still in great condition.

    Mine haven't worn out anywhere yet.

  • 1)Thift stores and sample sales. Brands: Cheap Monday, Rock and Republic, J brand, Mavi 2) $20 and under 3) A couple of years 4) They start to wear out at the knee area and (unfortunately) by my crotch. Hence my investment in patches.

  • check the 2nd hand shops.they have nice , particular stuff for much cheaper.

  • 1. express, gap

    2. 50-70

    3. years

    4. inner thigh, and at the bottom :(


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  • I'd be happy to participate in your market research study.

    1) no-name brand, from Express and a few from one of those mall stores, like JC Penny, Macy's etc

    2) about $40

    3) They last, I take care of them

    4) the cuffs at my ankles, they're cut long and get caught on my boots

    On a side not the sizing wasn't consistent. Could try in 2 of the same size/cut and have them fit totally different. May want to get on that...

  • Abercrombie, Hollister, Aeropostale

    $70 - $100

    They ususally last at least a couple years, though the Aeropostales usually don't last more than a year.

    They usually wear out around the upper thight.

  • 1. TSC or Wallyworld and C.E. Schmidt or Wrangler

    2. ~$15 - $30 depending

    3. A year or two depending on work use etc

    4. Everywhere usually

  • I mugged Brett Favre and stole his Wranglers.


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