Need help finding a tattoo shop?

I wanted to get a tattoo of bows on the back of my thighs just like this:


Does anyone know a tattoo shop in NYC that does a really good job?


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  • You should do a google search to find tattoo shops in your area.

    Pick a handful of shops that stand out to you.

    Go to their websites, look at their artwork.

    Ask your friends if they've heard anything about the ones you're considering.

    Visit the shops. Ask the tattoo artists any questions you have -- about price, time frames, etc. -- and try to get an idea of how clean their shop is. Clean shops are your number ONE priority. It doesn't matter how good the artist is, if he's careless with being cleanly, you're going to have problems with your tattoo.


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  • Don't do it. Tats are permanent mullets. Cool in your 20s (sorta), ridiculous in your 30s and beyond. The trend will end and you'll be branded as part of the Gen Y group who thought permanent markings were somehow in vogue.

    • I'm doing it as something for myself in a place where no one other than I can see it. I'm not doing it because it's "cool"

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