Does anyone know about this "Golden Ration" thing?

Someone mentioned it too me and I've never heard of it...
He might have meant Ratio lol


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  • Yes, the golden ratio comes from a sequence known as the fibonacci sequence. it starts with 0, then you add one to get the next number in the sequence, then you add the two previous numbers to get the next number in the sequence. So, it ends up being 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,24, etc. To get the golden ratio out of this sequence, you take any two terms and divide one by the other. Towards the beginning of the sequence, your values vary. However, once you get get further out into the sequence, you start approaching two values, depending on how you divide. Phi, known as the golden ratio, is either 1.614 or .614, and it is a number persistent throughout nature.

    In fact, the sequence itself was developed through analyzing a pattern in nature, in particular, the pattern in which rabbits multiply. It also happens to be the same pattern as bees. The golden ratio itself is found in the human body, as demonstrated by leonardi da vinci with the vitruvian man. If you measure your height and divide it by the distance from you feet to your belly button, you should get a pretty close value to phi. same with the length of your hand divided by the length to your knuckles, the length of your out stretched arms and one arm up to the other shoulder.

    The sequence itself produces a spiral, which is also found out in nature. It is in nautilus seashells, sunflower seed arrangements, and countless other things. I could go on about the significance of the ratio/spiral/sequence, but it's endless. Why do you ask?

    • You're bang on the money there, man.

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    • I asked because he was saying that Science, and the golden ratio proved whether someone was pretty or not..

    • Lol I don't know about that, it's just a ratio...

      The ideal hip to waist ratio is 70% (your waist should be 70% of your hip's width) but this doesn't mean anything outside of this proportion is unattractive nor that all hips and waists in this proportion will be found attractive. Ultimately...people have preferences :)

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  • The golden ratio?

    It's when you split the distance between two things such that the ratio of lengths of the big piece to the little piece is the same as the ratio of the whole thing to the big piece.

    It's supposed to be seen throughout nature and be the most attractive proportions of parts of the body and face. I don't know how legit that is though.

  • yeah I have heard it

    it means there is a number that is apparently attractive to our human eyes and is seen in nature many times

    but I don't really buy it

  • You mean golden ratio?

    • maybe? he said Ration lol

    • It's like a set of proportions that some people believe make faces more aesthetically beautiful. I think I saw a documentary where DaVinci used these proportions to draw the Mona Lisa.

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  • Yes it deals with attraction in the face and other parts of the body.

    Skip to 3:30

  • symmetry

  • When 2 quantities are in the golden ratio the ratio of the sum of the quantities to the larger quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one.


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