Who else has two different colored eyes?

Up until I was 2-3 I had blue eyes. Then they became dark brown then when I was 11 they started to change very slowly. They became lighter and a greenish tint began to show up. Today I'm 17 and my eyes are weird. My left eye is like a dark hazel. It's a darkish brown with mixed dark green. My right eye is different. It's a light green with a small semi circle of light brown and there are also about two very small streaks of blue. The difference isn't noticeable until you're close and there is more light. People describe my eyes as green or light brown. I wish I could take a good picture of them but it's rather difficult. Does anyone else have two different colored eyes?


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  • Well, my grandpa has a brown eye and a green eye, and my grandma has a brown eye, and an eye that is half brown and half blue. My eyes are two colors mixed though. I have sort of deep blue on the outside and a light greenish-blue on the inside of the iris right around the pupil.


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  • Well my sister and I had navy blue eyes when we were babies and blond hair like the sun and now as we grew up and got older, our eye color changed and hair color. But I've people with eyes like you before, I think its cool :)

    • yeah a lot of babies are born with lighter hair and eyes that get darker with age

    • Most babies are born with blue eyes then their eyes change after they are about a year old

  • Heterochromia for the win! Nope, my eyes are just green/blue with brown/green streaks.

  • no ):


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