Girls- how "important" is a guys body to you?

does it matter, or is it just a pro if he has a good body?

Also, what is a "good" body to you?- skinny, average, chubby, toned, big muscles?

I play rugby so am quite big, but also toned as well so I can't have too much "mass". 6'0 and weigh 13 stone about 185lbs. But again, not fat.


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  • As long as he is not greatly overweight and obese, I am perfectly fine.

    If I did end up falling for a man like that... I would do all that I could to get him to exercise with me, for his health. I cannot imagine the pain that would light if our life together was cut prematurely, and over an issue that could have likely been solved.

    Ideally? I prefer a slight tummy, and typically "stockier" build. I do not know why... but I just find it to be the cutest thing.

    Muscle is not bad, either-- though I confess that it would depend, as some are fairly narcissistic and obsessive with it.

    Being toned is probably better than having mammoth muscles; the above would (more or less) be radically bypassed.

    Beyond that... I have no care. Just as long as he is taking care of himself, his body-weight and structure does not bother me.


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  • If you are not flabby.. with a jelly belly and a big butt , you are good to go :) Muscles are definitely a bonus .. my boyfriend is a muscular guy, though I would have loved him equally if he wasn't so it doesn't make any difference to me :) .. it also depends on the size of the girl you are walking with .. if she is too petite , you'll look weird :D

  • It's not hugely important I guess. I prefer guys that are quite muscular. Not like body builders but just big and broad. I don't really go for skinny guys and I don't mind if they're a little chubby. Your weight seems perfectly fine to me :)

    • you say you prefer muscular...any muscles you prefer? shoulders, abs, biceps, back?

    • Shoulders and biceps. I like guys with big, strong arms.

  • It'd help if he was fit/took care of himself because that's attractive but we don't seek out muscular or skinny guys, we just like guys in general.

  • I'm not bothered, my boyfriend is broad, some may say he's chubby but he's big & he protects me.His body turns me on fine :)

  • i don't really care about muscles but as long as his size is not too "extreme" it doesn't bother me.

    i am OK with skinny guys though, as long as they are taller. and it's not hard to be taller than me, lol.

    if I fell for a fat guy, I would want him to be healthier and lose weight, but I wouldn't not love him because he's fat because personality, at the end of it all, is the most important.

    body builders have an intimidating body though. but again, personality is most important.

    but I think you sound fine. don't worry about it.

  • Size doesn't matter to me at all. I am definitely more attracted to personality. Also I don't think you have anything to worry about.


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